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The Quest for Travel

So as y’all know, I want to travel. . . like right now! But as with every other country, I can’t do that without a passport. Well these last two weeks have been frustrating, because I am oh so close yet far from getting it. I have my application all set, with the necessary documents attached, but I can’t pay for it. Two weeks ago, I tried and couldn’t because I forgot my debit pin number. Yes. . . I forgot it. I never use my card as debit, only credit, and if I did set up a pin number it must’ve been when I got it years ago.

So at the post office, I tried my best to think of the 4 number code but it wouldn’t work. I could see the employee getting frustrated waiting, so I left with my friend. The following week I reset my pin, and went Friday to try again. I waited much longer this time, and I even retook my passport photos. I don’t know about other countries, but here smiling isn’t encouraged. And I always am amazed how ready I am to take a mugshot. It was very bad, but this go around I think it was much better. Well I tried to pay for it, used my pin, and it asked me if I wanted cash back.

I thought, “well this is new. It must be progress!”. So I said no cash, and a few seconds later, Card Declined. You know that scene in the scary movie where the main character went through an ordeal to get away from the monster, only for the monster to easily get them in the end; all that effort for nothing. That’s what it felt like as I couldn’t seem to get rid of this ugly thing. All I have to do is pay! That’s it! Pay, wait a month or two, and then the world is unlocked to me. Yet if it isn’t family trying to hold me back, it’s this.

So this week, I’ll have to call the bank to resolve this because the last thing I need is a declining card overseas. If they can’t resolve it for some reason, then I am left with begging people I know for some cash to pay. I’d use ATM machines, but. . . yeah, card won’t work. It works with credit purchases but not debit. Anyway, once I get it then hopefully by Christmas I can take a trip somewhere. I was told my sister and her husband and child will be flying back to his country next year, and so I plan on joining them. From there, the passport book will start to fill up.  I intentionally am getting the bigger book with more pages, as a motivator. Passports here in the US last ten years, and I swear if I don’t get at least one page filled by the time I’m 36. . . I consider that a fail in my life.

You might be thinking why is family holding you back. Well, long story short, my family is odd. My parents are of the older generation, and at retirement age. They just want to relax at home, and have never been ones to explore. Add that with culture and being the youngest of the bunch, and well one might see how it can be hard for them to let go. My older siblings left home, and the state, by forcing the issue. Sometimes, if you want something done, you kind of have to force the issue and get what you want yourself. In a way I appreciate this tedious and frustrating thing. I don’t usually accept compliments, but one that I do like is when people say, “Steven, a lot of people often say they will do something, and not do it. You actually go out and do what you say you will do”. Too often we see people in our lives say they will do something, and not follow through. Sometimes it’s understanding, and other times disheartening. And it can alter lives, as dreams may be put on hold or lost altogether.

We hear those cliches about living life to the fullest and taking chances, but it’s true because we don’t know what each day will bring. We don’t know when it will be our last day, and we won’t have time to reflect and say if we’re happy with what we did. So yes, I’ve learned to go out and make things happen on my own accord, and I try to find other people with high motivation in themselves and in life. Who you surround yourself with truly impacts who you are. And so I’m getting the bigger passport book as a motivator for me not just to travel once or twice, but to fill that damn book like there’s no tomorrow! Who knows if I one day move to another country for work, but I need to know what is out there, who is out there, why am I out there. People and places are waiting for me, and I’m trying as fast as I can to fly. But for yet another week I, too, am waiting for an answer. . .

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