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When I was a young boy I would play outside at night

I’ll never forget my first time seeing a firefly

The way it danced in the evening all around me

Illuminating it’s bright self to shine on everything around

I tried to catch one with an old mason jar one time

But it didn’t work and if I did it wasn’t meant to be


Soon I became a teenager and then a young adult

Some nights I chose not to go out while others I was always out

When I did I would always see so many fireflies roaming

Glowing in all sorts of directions that I wasn’t sure

Which way I wanted to go and which one do I follow

Each one unique and interesting I simply couldn’t decide

I tried to catch them all but it was just so impossible


And then I became older and almost at midlife

Busy with work and priorities I never had free time

To just go out and enjoy the evening with friends

When I did all there was left was stars in the sky

All the fireflies were gone all these years later

I had lost the opportunity even when I never had it

They flew off to another town and to another one


I’ll never forget the way they swayed all around

Always learning something new about them

Their light shining bright no matter how dark

It was so infectious that it made me happy

But they’ve all gone now leaving with memories

All I ever had was the memories of such elegance


Then one night as I slowly walked to the patio

Relaxing in my rocking chair with my dog

I thought I felt something brush by my grey hair

I looked as quick as I could at the disturbance

And before my eyes was a dimming enamor

A firefly after all these years I thought impossible


And it was such a unique one I’ve never seen before

I let it be and it stayed so close to me which was new

In the past I tried to chase and catch them so much

Yet to no avail for they never stayed long with me

But here I am an old man realizing that all along

I should’ve just lived and enjoyed the moments

For one night the right one would find me instead. . .

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