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The Drifter

I once met a man crossing through town one day

Tall, with a backpack slung over his right shoulder

Came by the diner looking for a warm meal here

The town gave him that and more as he stayed a week

He didn’t say much though as if for a specific reason


We all tried to get to know him and where he came from

Hardly a word to go on as to tell us just who he is

It was as if he was hiding something from us and him

I’ve always had a good eye on people and this was unique

For it seemed not of bad intentions but of pain and sorrow


He helped clean the diner in exchange for room and food

Quite the friendly fellow actually when you talk of other things

I was able to draw out of him that he’s been wandering for awhile

When asked his destination, it was always met with ponder

I was looking at a man who had no home in search of one


Out of everyone in town, him and I actually got along the best

Even when many would get frustrated for his lack of openness

It was hard to stay upset at him for too long over this thing

He did have that charm about him that made it so difficult

On the surface it was easy to get along but don’t try to dig deep

He seemed used to being around for a short time rather than a long


On the eve before his departure I invited him to stay with me

He spent the past days at the motel which isn’t well-kept much

He had that look in his eyes like he was unsure about leaving

He told me that he’s been traveling for so long going everywhere

I offered he can live in town and build a life in this comfort

He looked out to the moon, thinking, before saying he couldn’t

As if feeling bad for getting a town’s hopes up for a new arrival


In such a short time he may have realized this wasn’t the place

For some it takes longer but he’s not like the common person

Perhaps in his mind he knows what he’s always dreamed of seeing

But it may not mean he never enjoyed the memories of each town

I doubt I was the first person to care for this mysterious stranger

And I don’t think I will be the last, but we all have this in common

We will always care for him and hope that he finds what he is looking for


We danced throughout the night as if it will be the last time we get to

And by morning he wandered over down to the exit of town

Saying his friendly goodbyes to the townspeople before reaching me

Will we ever see him again, only he knows the answer to this

Another town and it’s people unknowingly await for him now

While we, and I, become yet another chapter in his tale as he wanders

I once met a man who was not only looking for a place called home

No, maybe he was actually looking for someone to give him a reason to stay. . .

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