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A Series of Events

You ever have those days or weeks where you can’t seem to avoid bad luck or just can’t catch a break? That was me this week. It started off with unexpectedly being asked to work all day, all week at my job. No big deal, right? More money for traveling! Except I wouldn’t be in the office and cool. No, the purpose of me working all day was so I can help my coworker do some projects at the dormitories. . . in the hot, humid heat. Where I live, it can go anywhere between 92°F (32°C) to about 101°F (38°C), and that’s not counting the humidity feeling that makes it feel even hotter. So I wasn’t too thrilled the first day since I was wearing nice clothes and working outside in the hot temps. So most of the week I did that, but at least the outside dorms are finished; hello inside, cooler dorms next week.

It shouldn’t be bad next week, except the number of dorms multiply much more compared to outside dorms. But what really made the week hectic was that we found out a family member was missing for several days. I apologize that I won’t go into full-detail, but I’ll just say they were found in the end and hopefully things will get better. When it comes to my family, it’s as if there is always something happening that affects the rest of us; usually not in a good way. Maybe some of you out there have family like that. The ones whom you want to help, but realized that they must first want to help themselves before ever changing. I’ve always seen myself as the oddball of the family, which in my book means the most sane and logical one. While many of them are content in their little bubbles, I have always wanted to pop out of mine and explore. . . which leads me to another passport update.

It failed again. . . This time it was the passport photos. So here was the plan. Get off early, as usual, Friday and finally pay for my passport. Except I had to work all day this week unexpectedly; but hey, more money I wasn’t going to turn down. So, I thought I could do it Friday during my lunch hour. I scheduled an appointment at a different post office near my job, and was all set. Except that morning, I get a text alert from the post office. Basically it said their camera for passport photos was broken, so we’ll have to find a store to do it for us. No big deal though, because there was a pharmacy store across the street. So I get off for lunch, and I gobble my lunch as quickly as I can; I was very hungry by then. 2:15 pm. 15 minutes lost to eat lunch and get my car cooled down in the heat.

I drive to the store about 5 minutes from work, and walk in to the photo area. It was a machine that I got on to buy a passport photo. And then it asked Print in Seconds or One Hour Service. . . So naturally I clicked on the first one. What I didn’t realize was that it meant if I already had a photo ready on my phone, I could connect to the machine and print from there. Instead the option I was needing was one hour. 2:25 pm. I could not wait an hour, I had no time for that. Here, even though the post office is open till around 5:00 pm, the passport office closes around 3:00-3:30 pm. My appointment was at 2:45 pm. So I sat in my car, wondering what to do. The nearest store that can do it much faster was about ten minutes away from here. Ten minutes to drive there, ten minutes to come back. It would’ve been about 2:50, not counting the time to actually get my photos in my hand. With family matters, work projects, friends moving away, and now this. . . I truly felt something out there just wanted to see me suffer. Like I haven’t the last 20 or so years.

But truthfully, I was questioning what entity out there didn’t want me to get this passport this badly. Because I try and I try, the world is out there waiting for me, and yet I can’t seem to do this minor thing. Even though I’m in no rush, because I plan to travel at the earliest this November/December, I would rather have it in my hands now then stress about it a month away. Or worse, I simply procrastinate and never get it; staying in my status quo of contentment. What helped me forget about this week was spending time with my high school best friends most of the night till 3:00 in the morning. I truly needed that, and I could also use a trip to the sea. We did discuss a roadtrip across the states here to maybe visit Cali. But okay here is the plan for next week folks: Take my photos (again) early, either this weekend or Monday/Tuesday after work. Then on Wednesday, I have a dental appointment in the early morning. Afterwards around 10:00 am, I have another appointment scheduled to do the passport. I should be able to do it without worry of time, photos or payment. I can then get lunch, and work half a day in the afternoon.

It should work! Should. . . should. Okay, maybe start placing your bets now on whether I succeed or not on Wednesday.

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