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Transaction: Complete

It’s Wednesday, I’m on 6 hours of sleep, but who would’ve thought running errands would be amazing. The first being my dental appointment at 8:30 am. I scheduled my next surgery, which is supposed to be the most painful of the 3. It’ll be near the end of August, but I wish we could get it out of the way now. Mainly, today I was able to get the stitching off which feels so good! It was rather annoying at times when I would eat something and mess with it. But the highlight of the day happened afterwards. . . I finally submitted my passport application.

After almost a month of frustration with forgotten PIN numbers, locked accounts, resetting passwords, updating profiles, photos and whatever else, I finally was able to complete it today. I even called the bank, right before walking in, to verify I was good to go. When I punched in my PIN number, I was praying for it to work. And when it said Processing Complete I couldn’t help but smile so much. Everything should be good to go, and now we wait 4-6 weeks for it to be delivered. I can feel the freedom that is traveling coming, and I am so relieved. Travel has always alluded me for my entire life, and now I will be able to go nearly anywhere.

Where I will go first remains a mystery, but that’s what makes it fun. Hopefully come December I will be boarding a plane to go, but for now comes the saving of money again. After I left, I came to work and got front-row parking; in the shade, too! So it’s been a pretty good day, considering all the things that has been going on lately. I always knew change of some sort was coming on the horizon, and I feel today is officially the first day of it happening. I wonder what will happen next. . .

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