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You’ve Got Mail

So my Friday was relatively good. Not only was it finally Friday, but the day was not too busy. Mostly driving around campus and checking on some things. Then around lunch time I felt I might stay all day at work again, and wondered what to get for lunch. Suddenly a woman from the department upstairs came by and said there’s free food if any of us want some. And it was fajitas with rice and beans and all the sides. . . Yes! Plus cookies, so I certainly enjoyed that meal. I was feeling like this would be a good day, and then I asked my boss if she needed me to stay all day again; as I have been most of the week.

She told me it’s okay, that we might need you to work long next week or so. I kept it cool, but inside I was relieved to just go home and relax a bit. I’ve been so tired of late, and was waiting for an early weekend. After smuggling some more free food, for my dad, I arrived home and checked the mail. And that’s when I saw something for me in the mailbox. It was from the U.S. Government, which only meant one thing. . . my passport finally arrived!!

And sure enough, it was in there. So far only the book arrived, as I wait for my passport card to come too along with my birth certificate and all. But I have the main thing I dreamed of having. And suddenly it hit me how instantly the world has now become open to me. Possibilities galore. Where to go? Who to see? What to do? And honestly. . . I have no clue. My sister plans to travel soon to Jordan, and wants to take my mother and I with her. From there I was going to go on my own adventure afterwards, since I am close to Europe. But that is either in December or early next year, and I was hoping to take another trip in whichever month she decides not to go. Yet again, I don’t know where to go exactly.

I say that because, as I mentioned before, it’s hard to travel often in a working year. I certainly don’t have the money, nor the family willing to pay, to let me not work for a year to wander the globe; I wish though. And I have friends I have known for some time, and it would be amazing to hang out with them in person. I would hate for them, or I, to have to wait a year or two just to see their country; and physically meet. Then again, maybe it’d be easier if I had a full-time job that offered more money and vacation days. Still searching. . . Nevertheless, though I enjoy being pen pals, and texting and calling them, it’s just better being with people in person and going on adventures, right?

In my mind, I have several places that I really want to visit and explore. I just need a sign from something/someone saying “Come visit! This is where you should go!”. I don’t know, but I still have months to figure that out. In the meantime, I will enjoy this moment for I remember the struggles it took to get here. I always talked about change and something happening soon, perhaps this is just the beginning for me. . . All I need is a sign

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