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So last week and so far today, it has been nonstop action of helping the newest crop of freshmen here at the university I work at. Friday was especially busy, and I am happy that day is over with. I finally have some sort of semblance of a regular schedule again, which is nice. As I still await to hear back from jobs, I begin to wonder if moving would be best in general.

Recently my sister disclosed to me that she more than likely plans to move back to Qatar maybe around Christmas time. I told my mother because my parents are much older and cannot have their hearts broken again by surprises. She has yet to bring it up to my sister, but now with me she seems more prepared for if the day comes when I break similar news. In my case, I slowly break news about my desire to travel on my own; not yet the idea of living in another country. Honestly, I am starting to feel more and more that perhaps I want to though. Growing up, I wanted to run off to Chicago. A colder town with many arts, restaurants, cultural and musical events, and sports teams I can enjoy watching. Then along came Barcelona with it’s Spanish flair and beautiful ocean. A part of me still dreams of owning a beach home along a coast of Europe.

I once talked way (!) back in the early days of my blog about being able to get along with almost anyone; blending in to the environment and situation. The same counts for place of living as in my heart I can see myself living all over. From holding koalas in Sydney, to eating pasta everyday in Rome, to the technology in Tokyo, and the others like Barca/London/Chicago/Denver; the possibilities are endless. Because the truth of the matter is for me, home is not a place but the people you feel happiest with. Though I care about the people physically in my life, I can’t help but notice them going on their way to develop their lives; leaving me feeling. . . homeless.

I’m okay being on my own, since it felt that way for years but it would be nice to have a consistent group of people to hang out with and go on crazy adventures. The people on Tandem have been amazing, but so far away; living their own lives as well. With a passport in tow, maybe a work visa is next. I have some thinking to do, of course, but like I said in my last post: all I could really use right now is just some sort of sign. . .

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