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The Day Before.

So it’s Wednesday, the day before the interview, and for some reason the nervousness is setting in. I’ve mildly prepared as of right now, but I’ll do more this afternoon and night. The weather is rainy and muggy all week, and I’m just praying I look good. The only time I’ll sound vain, but dressing to impress is so important in these things and the last thing I need is poofy hair from the humidity and ragged, damp clothes from rain and mugginess. That and regaining the confidence in speaking normally. The wounds are not fully healed, but hopefully to the point where they won’t bust open again. Meanwhile, the operated site is no longer sore, just has a funny feeling that I have to get used to. I have my interview questions I want to ask, and now it’s just prepping for what they’ll ask me. And I hope it’s not a multi-round interview thing, but we’ll see. Just get through tomorrow is all I can tell myself. From the week and a half and staying at home and healing, I probably lost ten pounds which was a surprise that I’m not complaining about. I want to get back into exercising again, but it’ll probably wait till Saturday due to my schedule these coming days. It’s probably for the best, because no matter what happens tomorrow there will be a big bowl of ice cream for me that night. . .

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