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Hang Up The Gloves

Fighting’s been in our blood from Day One

That’s all we’ve been ever good at in our house

As a child I dreamed of getting into the ring

Get the adrenaline rush for my own self

Let out the anger and demons without fear

Not just from within but from others


As a teen the fights began as I studied

Analyzing the competition around me here

Gone through trials and tribulations

Each year learning new things that I remember

So that when I became an adult I would be ready

And then the day came for my first fight


It actually caught me off guard because of who

My first opponent was changed and I didn’t know them

They were the aggressive ones first when the bell rang

After that fight many others came along the way

And for nearly each and every one of them they felt wrong

These fights were not how I thought they would be


It wasn’t that I was bad at it rather the opposite here

The feeling and expectancy though was what bothered me

Going through the motions and never feeling accomplished

On to the next opponent and a whole new fight with bruises

What others might consider wins I did not yet I rarely lost either

There have only been three fighters that I actually respected


I was much younger when we met and none after have come close

Maybe my ancestors were lucky to be fighting back in the day

Because the competition today is not the same as it once was

Their style doesn’t mesh well with the way I dance in the ring

After so many fights that go nowhere maybe it’s simply time

Everyone has their swan song and goes down on an end note


And for me I feel it’s time to finally hang up the gloves

My fighting days appear to be over as I search for new purpose

A part of me knew for years that this was going to happen

Would I ever step into the ring for one last comeback depends

But it definitely won’t be me seeking out the opponent next time

For that life is over and I’m focusing on other things from now on. . .

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