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So it wasn’t long before the rain came back, and it appears to stay again for the foreseeable future. I did manage to order the journal, as well as a small musical instrument, that should arrive on Saturday. That’s been perhaps the calmest part of the week so far. Constant car troubles, plumbing issues, crying baby nephews and other family dramas, as well as recent unwanted work stress have all lately been cluttering my plate. And I wonder if this was what my gut feeling was about or could it be leading up to another major stressor. I pray it does not pertain to my pending job application, because I could use some good, positive news right now. I know others out there are probably going through much worse, and if you are hang in there. But I think we can all relate when certain things or people pop into our lives, and we just want to put our hand up and say “no please, just go away”. That’s me right now, as I just want to do nothing but be with my friends here, or be at the park running or playing sports; away from the storms that are literal and metaphorical.

Fall is coming, and so too will the cooler weather. My favorite time of year is about to arrive, and though my sister has still yet to decide her plans of travel I have narrowed mine down a bit. I already have a vague idea of what I will do when she travels, however for my own travel planned I’ve decided the first stop will definitely be Europe. The top candidates being Spain and Italy as my first visits. I’m thinking of maybe doing a week and a half in each. There’s just so many places to visit! From the UK to Germany, Portugal to Greece, how can I see it all in such short time?! Yes, I looked at jobs in England and Australia, but I honestly don’t think I’m competitive enough for them to say “Let’s hire this guy over one’s that live here!”. Now more than ever I’m wanting this job here for so many reasons. But now a part of me is curious. . . what if I dabbled in travel blogging in my free time after work? I’ll be making much more money to afford traveling farther on weekends, and can buy things like a nice camera and such. I may have mentioned it long ago, but I did dream of having a travel show of sorts. The world is all about who you know and marketing yourself, sadly, yet it provides opportunities to get out of your zone and explore. A lot has been on my mind lately, as it seems bumpy roads are here and up ahead. As much as I want to push them away from me, all I can do is push forward instead and hope that clear, cool days are indeed coming soon. . .

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