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It’s finally Friday, and I am so glad it’s here. Early this morning I had my dental check-up where the sutures were finally removed. It’s such a weird sensation when those strings are pulled from you. The whole process is nearly over, and I cannot wait for the end. When I arrived at work, and sat at my desk, I noticed one missed call on my phone. It was from the place I interviewed at. I called back and got the news. . . We’re sorry, you were not chosen. As I thought, I didn’t get it and this aura of bad luck continues upon me. So now the job hunt resumes, and I can’t help wonder how long it will take not just to get a new job but to get another shot. It’s frustrating, it truly is, because as much as I try to start change, life is like “no not until I say so”. My situation right now is not terrible, but very mundane which I don’t want. Like I said before, I won’t be taken seriously as a candidate abroad or maybe across the country and I can’t afford to move without some sort of security in place. Yet I would love to be one of those people who just take a bag, and just go! But I simply can’t and so, like a fly caught in a web, I am stuck unable to go much anywhere. The storm’s here and brought a series of unfortunate events, and I don’t know when it will end. However, it’s not the worse I’ve been through. I’m fallen on my knees right now, wondering, but it’s what we do after falling that makes us. Things will get better, not if but when, and when they do I will most certainly fly at last. . .

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