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On the upswing

So while I am working on two long posts that will be out soon, you remember how lately things haven’t been going my way? Yesterday was such an oddity in that it was good. . . like quite interesting-good. Work wasn’t busy, which was a start, but as did my usuals I noticed one of the job places I applied to finally got back to me. Interview is next week in a city over an hour away, but it’s where I wanted to go as a kid and just seems fun. Not looking too far ahead, I am thinking logistics of moving; but it also has to do with what’s next. So after hearing about that opportunity I go home, just relaxing before going out that night with someone, when once again I see I got contacted by another job site. However, it was from one I didn’t expect to hear back from at all. . . this one is in a different state on the other half of the country. They said that while they still are going over the job I applied for, if I would like to be considered for another position available. It’s temporary (maybe becomes permanent?), and would be for the school year so maybe 10 months or so. I was really surprised, yet happy, because I just didn’t think my chances of being noticed would be high.

After getting rejected by the last job, my friends said it’s because something better is coming along. At the time it was hard to embrace those words, but I see what they mean now. I’m seriously considering letting the place know that I would like to be considered, since it is temporary and if it doesn’t work out I can come back with at least new experiences. Some family and friends aren’t enthused about this opportunity though, as they really don’t want me to leave. I understand a bit, but at the same time I wish the greed to keep me wasn’t so strong. If I did leave, nay. . . when I do leave, it will only make the process that much harder. I recently heard that one of my old best friends from elementary moved and got a job at a well-known university in the northeast. I’m so happy for him, and it actually strongly motivated me to carry on this path. Will this positive turn of events continue, I don’t know, but I’m riding this wave for now. Like I said before, I’ve been taking a step back and appreciating what I have around me. Because we don’t know what will happen next, and for me perhaps I may have to pack my bags sooner than I thought. . .

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