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Another Opportunity

I arrived home a little while ago, after several hours of driving. Today has been such a wonderful day, with cool weather rolling in. My favorite time of year is finally beginning. I had yet another interview today, out of town, in a city I’ve only visited a few times. I arrived about an hour early to familiarize myself with the area, and found the building. I was amazed how easy the parking was, though embarrassingly it took me longer to find the pay station after on my way out. Anyway, as I arrived I was met by a friendly receptionist. I always make sure to have good chats with those at the front desk and around there, because they can also play part in if you get the position or not! Soon I met the 4 other people who would be interviewing me. They were all great, and seem interesting and laid-back. When I first got there, I thought I knew who I would be talking to but turns out I had the wrong department people. Overall, I feel it went pretty well; maybe even better than the previous one I did. Of course, after the interview, I instantly “review the tape” and see if I made any mistakes. I have that bad habit of looking at the negatives more than the positives about what I do, because I guess a part of me expects better. Nothing wrong with that, but we always should applaud what we do well too. At the end, they said they’ll be doing interviews this week and there will be no second rounds (thank goodness?), and will let me know their decision. They asked if given the position, how long will I need, and I said two weeks to tend to unfinished business and groom the next person to take my position. As well as allow me time to move, which shouldn’t be too difficult. I know what I will take with me, and the area I’d like to live around. But once again, we wait and see. As optimistic as I like to think I am, it’s moments like these where I embrace the worst while hoping for the best. This whole week, I kept seeing things that related to the job I drove to. I did say once that I’m not into visions or things like that, but truthfully when things such as this occur a part of me thinks maybe it’s not coincidence. Who knows, but it’s over with and life resumes as normal. But that could all change at a moment’s notice. . .

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