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Kindle Adrift

Halloween has passed, and now I’m wondering when the Christmas music will start playing on the radios this month. I recently met some famous folks, including Jeff Goldblum and Arnold Schwarzenegger which was such an experience!! Some may be rolling their eyes when thinking about what it took to meet them, but life is too short and I’ve always believed in the moments instead of the materials. This past week has been tough both at work and home. All these different reports and problems at the office took a toll, because who likes coming into work and then immediately told to do/re-do big accounts? At home just readjusting to my sister and her family living with us. My schedule is out of sync with me taking care of my nephew, which is not bad but a good insight of what to expect down the road should I do the same. So this weekend I stayed at a friend’s house for what was expected to be a guy’s night just having fun and playing games.  That was until one of my best friend’s girlfriend showed up late at night. Normally it’s not a big deal to me, but this is a unique case.

He’s slightly younger than me by a couple of months (26), and this is his very first girlfriend; she is 37 with two kids. If he’s happy then I’m okay with it, but his family probably isn’t; at least his brother wasn’t when she got there. She was alright, but I think she was a little uneasy with us at first. That and meeting late at night, in our pajamas, playing games was not the ideal way I was hoping to meet her. I knew eventually I would but, like all situations like these, I was expecting something like at a dinner and an event. But expect the unexpected! Afterwards I went with another friend to see his new apartment, and then went shopping with him and his girlfriend for some furniture pieces. Then they got into a fight, which was not fun to be there. He was upset with her immaturity, he’s 32 and she’s 20, and though they are fine now it wasn’t until today did I look back on this past weekend and laugh.

Not in a mean way, but more of a “I can’t believe it” kinda laugh. Because of the age differences between my friends and their significant other, and seeing their perspectives and conflicts. It just made me think about what will happen to future Steven should he find someone. Also made me think about career. The theme of living our life and not letting others get in the way has been more prominent lately from friend and family experiences. And as I continue seeking work elsewhere, today I found myself wondering “what if I took an internship abroad?”. The pay may not be ideal at first, but the experience could be; especially if it lands me a permanent job. Obviously it would be abroad, which I feel more inclined to. Yet as I talk to others around the globe, it’s as if we share the same sentiment about our respective countries: the job market is tough. Some countries may prefer foreigners for hire, but for others not so much. What’s a fella to do with wanderlust in his veins, but no huge source of income and hesitancy to live off the kindness of others to get me by? As I dabble into some answers, I can take solace that things right now are okay. I may be pulled in different directions at the same time, but it’s better than being someone who sits on the couch doing nothing. So many things to do and think about, as winter approaches these ideas are like kindle from a fire being blown into the wind. The fun, mysterious question is where will it land. . . Stay tuned folks

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