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Sickness Take Flight

So this Friday, I’ll be going to Orlando for a few days with family before Thanksgiving. We’ve talked for years about travelling, and it’s astonishing that it is actually happening. It’ll be my first time on a plane as well, so I’m both nervous to the newness of it but also very excited. It will definitely help me get a sense of what to expect for when I fly out on my own travels soon. No word yet on when that will be, but the target date is next summer unless a get a better job sooner than expected. Unfortunately I am also dealing with a sickness. Everyone from family to coworkers are all dealing with something, so avoiding it was simply unavoidable. I feared it would get worse over the weekend, but so far it has minimally changed. Can’t say for better or worse because if one thing gets slightly better (my throat), another gets more worse (my nose).  All I know is I need to survive a few more days till vacation. If this sickness can leave that would be great! But as long as I’m surrounded by other sick people, and this freezing weather, the odds are not in my favor. I will also admit, I’m disappointed in how slow I am at getting posts up on here. I know I said I had some articles coming, but I’ve been slacking. Life happens, and at times I feel like I’m getting pulled in every direction; both by external things and internal. I told you folks I bought a journal to write in it, yet I’ve yet to touch it. Thinking about it now, many things lay around not being used. So much has been going on, yet at the same time to me it feels like everything remains the same. It’s an odd feeling, especially in my sick state, but this vacation could not have come at a more better time. As we navigate through our own unknown, we should look around at what we have and see if there’s things we need to change or dust off. Sometimes even taking a break can do wonders once we return. I’m hoping this trip to Orlando will do the same, both when I come back home and for my future travels. . .

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