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Orlando, Turkey & Wonder

It certainly has been a while again! It’s a week after Thanksgiving, and much has happened since. As you all know, I was on a trip to Orlando to visit Universal Studios. It was amazing! My main purpose was to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Truly captivating to see how realistic it was! And we even got to ride the Hogwarts Express without a long wait; maybe because it was early morning and the tourists hadn’t arrived yet. I was also able to attend an Orlando Magic game, which was a nice experience to see another city’s team in action. How their fans interact, and the liveliness of it all; it’s different from the “corporate” feel sometimes from my home team. I learned what it’s like to travel with family though, which meant lack of sleep. I had forgotten how much they snored. Definitely bought souvenirs, and was eager to see my bed again and rest.


1st of many sport venues I hope to see on my travels. Sadly the Knicks lost that night.

But another thing I realized after going on vacation is that reality can set in quickly upon arrival. The bickering, projects left behind, and other responsibilities all rearing their heads back into the fold. Not even a day later did I start contemplating my next travel to leave. Unfortunately it is Christmas time, and my friends are all getting each other something. So Santa Steven also has to partake, and right after splurging on vacation stuff too. My bank account was not expecting such a hit the last two months. I have enough for the flight, but hotel will still need time. Again, with winter here, jobs tend to relax and wait till the new year to actively employ. So I’m still in limbo, debating if I should consider getting another part-time job while I await that golden opportunity. I did apply to 1-2 internships that are out of my state, but so far no word. I can taste that freedom to travel. Funny enough, my mom is looking forward to traveling again too. This time to New York, which I hope she doesn’t panic as to how many people and the amount of walking will be there. For me, the plan is still taking a trip next summer, but save money I must!

As I returned, I did come back with a renewed passion to write; both in that journal I wrote, here on my blog, and on those stories I wanted to write. I wanted to get a new laptop on Black Friday, but I ended up getting movies and other things instead. As I type IMG_20181117_164655302on this slowpoke one I have, a part of me regrets not getting it. And yes, I am aware that even this post is late than I wanted to but again responsibilities-in the form of a 2 year old nephew. For the past 2 months, I’ve been picking him up from school, and taking care of him while his dad was out of the country. It’s been a good refresher of what it’s like taking care of kids, and certainly takes my time up. But as of Monday, his dad will be back and I can do some of the things I put on hold besides writing. Through it all, I have been able to hang out with my friends here which has been fun; even though I’m the only single person in a room full of couples. Which reminds me, I need to finally finish that other post! 

As for my abroad friends, it’s been rough staying in touch with them. Some busy with their own lives, others perhaps upset we haven’t talked in a long time, and those where we kinda drifted. Lately I’ve been having dreams of a few. People I’ve never met except behind a screen and through a call. Dreams of actually meeting and catching up. No matter who I meet in life, if I sense you’re a good person I will always care and hope for the best. Part of it is cause of who I am, and the other due to my elephant memory. It is very hard for me to forget faces, names, moments of someone that I care for. It is a blessing and a curse. But as I am back from my trip, Christmas is coming, the other thing that has been motivated is that wanderlust for people. Getting to know them, and hearing their stories. Like Benjamin Button. I will meet and spend time with those abroad that I am in touch with or want to reconnect. And I will also run into others I did not expect. That’s the magic of life: you never know who we will run into and why. 


We are all capable of magic, if we are willing to go for it.

I am interested to see what happens in the coming month with Christmas, my birtday, New Year’s among other events; especially with more time available to me. From hobbies, to work, to people there are many affairs to tend to and that is okay.IMG_20181119_161624546_HDR But if my dreams are to be looked at, they state the obvious. It’s time to pursue those dreams before they vanish; before people vanish perhaps. A re-focus on myself could not have come at a more perfect moment and I cannot wait to get back on the drive. I may be tired and wanting major change, but it’s good to be back home. I think that’s something a lot of people understand. Anyway, I said it once and I’ll say it again-I’ll try to be better posting. I know some of you out there visit this site, checking to see if there’s a new post. Here it is, and expect more to come. With the holidays here, it can be a joyful or lonely time for some. No matter what, there’s someone out there looking out for you. . .

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