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My Birthday, A Newborn & Change (of course)

You have no idea how relieved I am to finally post that romance entry. That took a lot longer than I had hoped, but so much happens in life. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shorten it with a link to take you to another page since it kept crunching the entire post into one long paragraph but that is alright. Anyway yes, yesterday was my birthday!! And guess how I celebrated: working all day at work only to go home and tend to my 2 year old nephew. Not kidding, however it’s because my sister delivered her second baby today. I’m an uncle for the 3rd time, and can’t wait to meet the new little guy. So we’re doing our part to help out as much as we can. Luckily I don’t work full days the remainder of the week (I hope), so I just need to make it to Friday and “Hello Christmas break!”. However, even though it was “my day”, I never really cared for it. As a kid, sure, there was parties with all my other friends and getting gifts. But as I got older, I just simply stopped caring. From high school to this day, it’s mainly been going out, eating, doing some sort of activity and that’s it. Though lately, my friends have been wanting to get me gifts which I tell them no but they won’t listen. I’m the type that rather enjoys making someone else feel special whether it’s birthday, personal accomplishment, etc.. And when we do go out, it’s never anything like a big club party bash or blackout drunk. I don’t know, to me as long as I’m with people I care about and have fun with I could care less for the big, extravagant things. But my boss and coworkers did take me out for lunch, and the steak was so good!

But it also had me thinking about life and the theme of change. I couldn’t help but notice who has come and who has gone from my life. As I received texts wishing me happy birthday, I could see some names were missing from those who wished me it last year. Some names were obvious, but others I was surprised never texted. For the latter, it made me wonder what had happened. Life can be strange indeed, and it is always amazing (in it’s own way) to see how certain relationships end and others created. Many tend to look at New Year’s and reflect on how much change occurred in a year, but for me it’s always on my birthday because to me that’s a new year in itself. As I am now 27, I look back and see where I could improve, where I did improve, and where I would hope to be come 28. For several posts now, I have talked about jobs and change, and I have often felt many around me were going through so many changes in life. A part of me was jealous, wondering when will my break come.

Yet as I look back at this year, perhaps change hasn’t happened at work, but it certainly has occurred in other facets of my life. From surgeries, to travel, to family additions and subtractions, and other things it finally hit me what I’ve gone through in a year. And I wonder what age 27 will bring, which I aspire for it to be better than this year. Who will I meet? Who will come back? Where will I go? That and other questions pop up at this time of year, and it’s the same answer: we’ll see, but just live your life. I truly can’t wait for winter break, but I’ve already begun trying to reach my goals set out. Sometimes change happens without you being aware, but I think for year 27 things will be different. . .

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