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Christmas Gone, New Year Approaching

I hope everyone had a nice holiday break so far. Yesterday was a rather relaxing one despite dealing with 2 nephews making noises. In terms of gifts, I got clothes which was nice. But I ate sooo much than I’m proud to admit, and today has definitely been “recovery day” here. That and the weather here is just so dark and gloomy to do anything. It’s supposed to rain heavily here, with chances of hail, which should end before I see my friends this weekend. It’s nice to have one of my best friends in town again, and we can’t wait to hang out with him. Sadly he will lose his job in January due to cutbacks after his company merged with another. He has so much to decide, including if perhaps moving back is best. Life is crazy, and we often tend to blur out others’ lives. We focus on our own, rightfully so, and people with our reaching arms. But we forget others exist around us, whether it’s a friend we don’t talk to often or a stranger we pass by. They, too, are going through good days and bad days such as you. It’s important to be mindful of that before assuming that person’s life is okay or that person is a jerk.

As I said, this Christmas was more “simple” for me. The last several years weren’t the best, in my opinion, not cause it was tragic but just several factors. So much uncertainty, family drama, pretending, loneliness, etc. that it made me somewhat of a Grinch around that time. You wouldn’t really notice it because I am a December baby, I love the cold, and enjoy listening to Christmas music on the radio. But other than that, there was not much else. I liked the meaning of being with family and friends during this time, but for me everyone was gone or distant; that’s been going on for years. Add in the other things you may have read in older posts, and it’s not hard to see that during this time of year I’m more used to being on my own. However this year was a little different, kind of like a break from it all. And with the rain coming here, it’s like a good washing away of 2018 as I get ready for the new year.

Of course, y’all already know I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions because I feel we shouldn’t wait for a day to make changes. We can start now if we wanted! But I do look at things I did and didn’t do this year, and look at what I can do differently next year. I’ve already started this year, but next year seems to be more about unfinished business. From getting back into hobbies I used to do, to finally getting a new job, to expanding upon my travels, there’s so much I want to do. I’ve been slacking ever since I had to take care of my nephew months ago. By no means am I blaming it on him, but kids really do have an effect on your life. Add that with everything else going on here, and I can easily see how things got lost along the way. It’s a good learning experience in that we have such precious time, it is important for us to know how to spend it every day. “Life each day like it was on purpose”. I love quoting that line, as much as I love that movie. So while my friends, myself and you out there have much to think about with the new year approaching, try to relax right now and enjoy this break (if you have one). Whatever happened this year, reflect on it and move on. New adventures await for you, and another opportunity to do awesome things. You don’t have to overthink it, sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing for what you want to do as well as for your self. . .

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