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Resolutions ’19

And so a new year is upon us! Hope everyone enjoyed their night. I think my neighbors broke their record for most fireworks popped. It’s funny because I live in an area where fireworks are prohibited within city ordinance. Yet every New Year’s Eve, and 4th of July, they pop them without a care. No one reports them, as far as I know, as everyone enjoys the light show; as long as it doesn’t go well into the night. Besides the fireworks, family, friends, there are also the resolutions. The changes we hope to make this year to better our lives. As y’all know, I hate that since we have everyday before and after to make the changes. But I understand the metaphorical meaning of waiting to “flip to the next chapter” that is New Years. I, myself, sort of do it but I try to not look at it like a temporary checklist to cross off by the end of the year. It’s more of like a bucket list to me, with things I want to do before it becomes too late.

Things like travel to a new country, write a book, make new friends and things of that nature instead of the popular lose weight, cut out bad habits, and other things. These are things that don’t need have deadlines, for they are just goals for the year. And if they aren’t met, they’ll just carry over into the next year. Of course, I have such goals, like get in better shape or find that job, but I never anxiously wait till January 1st to get started. So many of our goals we want to complete so fast, or we give up so soon. Patience seems to be a hard virtue to come by these days; at least for folks my age and younger. Yet it’s weird when my friends commend me for being so patient with something, or having the willpower to deal with another thing as if they couldn’t do the same. We’re all capable of doing great things, as long as we’re willing to commit to it. “Good things come to those who wait”. That’s how the saying goes, which is true, but we also must make the effort every day, every year, every moment to reach that good thing.

So while I hope everyone is making good progress on their resolutions, don’t wait for a certain time to do it. And if your resolution already failed on this 2nd day of January, no worries, because there’s always another time to try again; if not tomorrow. Patience. Live your life while finding ways to improve your self or your situation. What you hope to be accomplished can be done, if you’re willing to be curious and go out of your shell. It’s your goals, your story, and no one else’s. So, in 2019, go out and write the next chapter and all the twists and turns that will come your way. For me, today includes a cold, rainy day of getting back into some hobbies I want to reinvest in; including writing. Just remember, if things are not going your way, do your best and wait. As long as you try and make the effort, it’ll be worth it in the end rather than wondering the rest of the year “what if”. . .

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