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Surgery Recovery & Random Tidbits

So yesterday was yet another oral surgery that I had; the 3rd to be exact. It is the last required one, with the possibility of a 4th optional one if I want it. I prefer not to have it, but I’ll have to think about it down the road. All last night, my lip was numb as well as my nose for a bit. When I woke up today, it was gone but wow that was the longest that lingered! Once again, the soup diet begins for the next several days. I could eat some things, but I don’t want to risk any damage to the right side of my mouth. All the good, crunchy, hot food I once liked will have to wait to be eaten until about two weeks from now at least. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to go to my friend’s apartment tomorrow to see the game. Besides not being able to talk well yet, there’s also the risk of one bad movement that could hit me in the face. You just never know!

Meanwhile, work has been okay; mostly preparing for the students to return to campus. I actually got two emails requesting interviews – both of which I rejected. I know. . . why though?! You ever get that feeling like an opportunity, although nice, just doesn’t feel right? Now I’ve applied to several jobs in state and out of it, and am prepared to move. These two interview requests were here in state, one an hour away and the other about 4 hours away from home. The 4 hour one, I just felt off about it; like I wouldn’t particularly enjoy it. The one hour away one, I wanted to do but I don’t think it would’ve paid much for me to live over there. The cost of living over in that city is higher than it is here. I mean, I could see myself living over there and barely get by. But again, you all know my ideal scenario is make decent so that I can save to travel. I don’t think that would’ve happened over there; although I still wish to move out of home. I keep getting this vibe like there is indeed something coming my way in terms of job opportunity. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking, and I have even thought about teaching abroad.

Many of my friends, ever since grad school have proposed I consider it. It certainly would provide cultural experience and all that. The thing is I don’t intent to become a teacher. So when I come back home, I’ll resume whatever career I wanted to focus on before I left. But any job we take offers valuable experience that can be applied elsewhere. We just have to be creative with how we word it and apply it. Overall, life has been okay in 2019 besides this annoying surgery. I still reflect on getting together with my friends from last weekend, and I can’t help but think of those I’ve lost touch with here and afar. In the end, we can’t look back though, only forward. And maybe one day, you’ll get back in touch with them if the bridge wasn’t burned. In the meantime, just hope for the best for them and yourself. The year’s still young, and there’s much to do. Don’t look back, keep going forward. There’s opportunities abound, if the chance is right, and you don’t go numb at the offer. If it’s not right, that’s okay, just keep moving forward. . .

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