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Finding Home

When I was a child playing with the other kids at school

I would often stop and look up at the big blue sky

And sometimes I would see something way up there flying

A big plane cutting through the clouds going somewhere

And do you know what I would do when I saw one?

I would wave up towards it saying hello

Foolishly thinking that the people up there could see me

I guess back then I knew I wanted to be up there

As I got older I realized that travel was in my blood

At first it was not to explore and learn but simply to get away

If I ever recounted my life story it would start off more like drama

Then pursued by comedy and adventure thank goodness

Yet in the beginning I was lost in the place I once called home

Although I got along with everybody it was only that

There was something missing as if I wasn’t reaching potential

As I reached my teenage years and beyond I still looked at the sky

Mostly at night now so that I can try and gaze at the stars

How often do people even do that little thing these days

And I never waved up at the stars but instead I thought

Thinking of those out there who share similar roads

See I was always curious about others out of town

I knew they existed but I didn’t know their face or name

Perhaps they thought the same as me if they wandered

I was grateful for what I had here yet something called to me

Or maybe it was someone or several people out there

Whether it was across the state, a few states over or across the country

In another land or even on the other side of the world I knew

That there were people out there who had that same fire in their eyes

The one that hungered for adventure and memories everyday

And when I became old enough I finally set out to find them

Throughout each year I took time off to venture abroad

To random various parts of the globe that called to me

From Chicago to London, Toronto to Sydney, Izmir to Athens

Moscow to Cairo, Tokyo to Rome, Santiago to Barcelona

All that and more were visited, all that and more were found

You find people you never knew existed but now you do

Fellow travelers, homegrown folks, returning nomads

Those people you end up saying “How have we not met before”

As if you could’ve been friends all your life yet it’s funny

Because we need our journey & experience to get to this special point

Years have passed and I created many stories along the way

I’ve also found a group of those I can finally call my family

See a home is not just one place, but moments where you feel loved

Although we lived far away, we found each other and connected

Now we ride together through this strange journey of life

And every time I’m on a plane, by the window, I look down and wave

At the next future traveler who’s in the same shoes I once was

Take chances kid because you’re not foolish at all to aspire

Find your home and, who knows, you may run into us one day. . .

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