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Some Have It Worse

It’s nice to be able to eat decent food again! Recovery is nearing completion, and my face is back to normal. I can finally go out and eat with friends, which is what I’ll be doing this weekend. I still can’t eat crunchy food, in case it pokes at the surgery site, but that shouldn’t be hard to avoid. Amidst all the worries going on in my friend’s lives, getting together to unwind could not come at a more perfect time. My sister hopes to buy a house this weekend, supposedly near my parents, which could only mean more visits from the crying nephews. If only you could see my face. I joke, but I know my mother will be glad to have them close; as opposed to in a far-away country. I like to tell my mom that since she has my brother in town, and now my sister and her family back in town, I guess that means I get to leave and explore! That statement’s usually followed by an ugly look by her, but she knows the clock is ticking. One day I will travel, and she just hopes I come back.

So today on my way to work, I was stuck in traffic that was just starting. I was wondering what happened, and I noticed smoke up ahead. Long story short, two cars crashed and the rear car got completely engulfed in flames. In the middle of the highway, and I was trying to avoid it as best I could. Right when I’m on the side of it, I could feel the fire’s heat through my window. It’s still cold here, so it was even easier to feel it. And then I heard an explosion, which wasn’t the gas but the window blew up. Some of the glass, I think, hit my car but no damage. The people who were in the accident, were out and safe in the end. That’s what’s most important, and that is what made me think. How everyday whether it’s you, your friends, family, or whoever else you run into will believe that their life or day is going bad.

I don’t believe in karma. We often say it to help us feel better, or hope someone else gets what’s coming to them. But in reality, it’s about percentage. It’s impossible to live life with everything good happening to them, just like it’s impossible to live with everything bad happening to them. There will always be good and bad moments, so really it’s all about the timing of when such good/bad moments occur. It could coincide with an event you did, which could cause you to believe it’s karma when in reality it was bound to happen. You could cut in front of someone driving, then 20 years later get into a car accident, and that person you cut in front of would say “that’s karma for you!!”. No, it was bound to happen if you aren’t paying attention; completely unrelated events. Some people have better fortune, while others have worse.

So while you out there may be having a hard day at work, or at home, or with your friends, just know that there’s someone out there who is having a worse day than you. And that there’s no such thing as karma, rather you have the power to guide your life the way you want. If you choose to be reckless, then don’t be surprised if bad things follow. Sometimes bad things happen for no reason other than just bad timing; but it’s not cause of some spiritual revenge for how you live. The point I’m trying to make is that if your day, or life, is not going the way you want just keep your chin up, breathe and stay positive. This, too, shall pass and the good times will roll in. Some people are having it worse than you right now, but someday it will change for them as well. You got this and, if you’re still in doubt, just tell yourself that at least your car didn’t catch fire. . .

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