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Homeward Bound

When people from my past ask about me

Others will often respond saying they don’t know

They don’t know how I’m doing or if I work

Have I moved or even found a Home yet

I never tell them anything because I’m not ready

I feel this is a journey that I alone must make

Friends and family always try to intrude on this

Even strangers find their way to this topic with me

And I all I can do is play dumb and say I don’t know

Truth is I’ve been looking for a place since I was young

There was a couple of times I was so close to finding it

One way or another the demons running inside of me won

Causing me to get lost within myself trying to escape

Leaving behind me a place that was okay for me

For in my mind is the picture of the Home I wish to see

People have offered to help me in my search for it

Some might have a good guess as to what I look for

But in the end their offers just never fully satisfied me

Deep down they just want to see me happy and alright

All they can do is read the letters I write on my journey

Once in a while I’ll write since I never call or talk to them about it

Telling them tales of my search or at least what I want them to know

I’ve traveled through towns both new and old on my way

Seeing places that look freshly enticing or reminding that I didn’t stay

On my own always wondering if this is the place I can finally stop at

I’ve been on this search for Home longer than others normally have

Running into other Homeless folks and they always look regretful

As if the nomad life would last forever and forever be delightful

I’ll admit a part of me thought this too and if I’m simply destined for it

But then one day I stumbled onto something that felt different

In my mind I had this photo of what I hoped Home would be

I don’t even know how much time has passed but I find myself here

In a place that I can’t even tell if I’ve been here or not before

So much has changed while I was away and lost from everyone

My mind matured while my body weathered from this search

But I find myself drawn in to this warmth and I feel strange

A feeling of happiness that finally I was able to find that Home

I’m done looking but will it be what I expected or too late when I see Her. . .

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