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Have you ever felt like you were in a different place or you might be somewhere in the future? Not dreamed it, but actually felt it? I’ll give you an example, so one recent weekend I was with my friends for almost the entire day. Nothing too exciting, but rather chill which my friends needed from their personal dramas. It was getting close to midnight, and I decided to head on home. It was cold and dark, as I slowly went down the stairs outside of his apartment. As I walked down the final series of stairs to the parking lot, I was hit with this sense like I’ve been here before but like in the future. As if one night I’ll be in a moment similar to this where I will be leaving my/an apartment one late night. Where would I be going at that time of night I have no idea.

This sometimes happens when I’m driving through neighborhoods I don’t often drive through. As I’m driving, I feel like I’m driving in another state. I have fun with it when it happens. “Okay Steven, where are we today? This feels like we’re driving through a quiet town out in Arkansas” or “Is this what it’s like up in Wisconsin?”. It’s completely odd, I know, but surely someone else out there has experienced this sensation of being somewhere else while actually being present in the moment. Right? Maybe it’s just my mind subliminally telling me to go out and explore ASAP. Or maybe it’s me in another universe, and we’re connected at that moment. Whatever the case is, life sometimes sends you signs that perhaps something is about to happen.

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It appears my days of oral surgery are nearing an end, as I went for another check-up yesterday. Healing is going great, and she said just one more appointment and you’ll graduate. I asked about that 4th optional surgery, and she said in her opinion it may not be necessary as it will only minimally help. It would save me about $1000 I suppose, but it’s just weird feeling it could be over. Impending change often has that feeling. One of my friends I went to grad school with, has also been searching for work similar to me. We’ve become great friends since school, and we help each other out. So a few days ago, he told me that something interesting came up at his job. It was about a man who could potentially hire not only him, but me as well.

From what a coworker told my friend was that this man is like a philanthropist wanting to help out different organizations; like veterans, children, etc.. And apparently he wants to open up possibly 3 places where at-risk youth can come for help and guidance. That’s where my friend, and by proxy myself, comes into this story. This man met my friend and is interested in what he studied and what his aspirations are. If all goes well, perhaps he will get hired. As you read this, you might assume “well if your friend gets hired, and he mentions you as well, then maybe you’ll get hired”, and you’re probably correct. The other tidbit is that this might mean my friend and I move out to Colorado.

Ah the Rocky Mountain State. It’s been on my If I could move anywhere, I would go here list for years; along with Chicago, Portland, New York, North Carolina and several countries abroad. As of right now the possibility of this happening is maybe 7%. It’s not certain, but there is smoke to this story. Maybe it could catch fire, and the percentage can soar up to 99% but for now I’m not getting hopes up yet. Though this does come at a time where, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve turned down opportunities and waiting for the right one to come along. Wouldn’t it be something if this was the chance? To be able to move to a new place, filled with outdoor adventure, the possibility of not worrying about a place to stay, good income, and doing a job I could enjoy?

We all need a break in life, and perhaps this could be the one for me. Who knows, but I do believe in things happening for a reason. It may not look clear at first but, as life rolls on and we look back, we understand what all of this was for. If anything did happen, it won’t be until later this year. For now, I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep “trying” to save money to travel and just focus on myself. We never end up where we thought we’d be, and this would not be what I expected. Kind of like the sensations I get that feels like I’m someplace else, except maybe one of those is about to come true. . .

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