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Texts in the Morning

It’s amazing how every day is different from before. How in a span of one night’s sleep, things can be so different upon waking up. You never know what you’ll wake up to; or in this case, what messages you will see first thing in the morning. It could be from your best friends all the time, or it can be a coworker. It can be family, a recently-made new friend, someone you talk to once in a while, or someone you’ve not talked to in months or years. How it can catch you by surprise when you see you got unread texts while you were sleeping: you never know who was thinking of you while you were unplugged from the world.

It’s Monday morning here, and this past weekend was fun with friends. Friday was hanging out with the guys, talking trash to each other trying to prove who was the best at soccer. Sunday, we went to a football game here and tailgated with whom I thought was my friend’s coworkers; turns out it was one of his directors. She was very cool and laid-back, and it may have been a great occurrence. Because as my friend and I talked about jobs, she mentioned there may be a possible senior position opening soon where she works. It’ll more than likely go to my friend first, since she knows him longer and he works within the company system. But you never know what can happen. One day can be happy and opportunistic, and then the following Monday morning can be altogether different.

Like I said, you never know who can reach out to you. Someone from your distant past, a friend you don’t talk to often anymore, your best friend, a family member to tell you bad news, or in my case the girlfriend of one of my friend’s. I awoke today to a random number, and I only could see the last part of the message talking about being great friend to him. After actually opening up the text, I saw it was her telling me that she’s breaking up with him. For those wondering, no she didn’t tell me before telling him. They talked about it last night and this morning. As for why texting me, and I’m assuming not the other friends (at least this early), I would say it’s probably because she knows out of the entire group of us she’s met I am the most mature out of all of us. I’m the glue that keeps us all together. Upon talking to my friend through email chat today, he initially thought it would be just an argument that almost leads to a breakup but it can be patched up. Yet after telling him about the text, and talking some more, he’s thinking that it may likely mean the end.

That wasn’t the only thing different today. As I got to work early, oddly the parking was full on what is a holiday where some are off from work. So I parked much farther than I normally do, but as I was about to make the trek to my office someone called out to me. It was the landscaper who works around our building. I’ve only talked to him once before in my 3+ years working there. To be honest, at first I didn’t think kindly of him. I would often see him driving in his golf cart up and down the street while on the phone, and I thought “How often are you actually working and not on the phone?”. And almost everyday, he’s blowing leaves with that loud leaf-blower that is so annoying; even when there’s not many leaves. But we forget that what someone may appear as initially, isn’t always the case once we get to know them. That person who drove like a maniac in front of you on the street, perhaps isn’t a jerk. Maybe they lost their loved ones, or is very stressed at work.

And so, when he called out to me to hop into the cart, I was very surprised but thankful. On a day that started off strange, it got even stranger when this man I never really talked to reached out and suddenly we were talking like we’ve known each other before. Everytime I see him now, I’ll shout “hello” even if I still find the leaf-blower rather annoying. It’s not even noon here as I’m writing this, yet that’s not the only things to have happened. I received a phone call while in my office. However, it did not show a name or number; only “Unknown”. Ain’t that something you see in a movie? Anyway, they left a voicemail and reading the transcript of the message apparently it was from a job site that I applied to last week. They’re located about 8 hours north of where I live though. I’ll try to call them later, and see if they can do a phone or Skype interview but it’s such an odd timing for it.

During a time where friends and family may need me present, including a friend who could be going through a breakup, here comes this possible opportunity to up and leave. That’s what so complicated about change. Whether daily or significant change, planned or unplanned, there’s going to be someone that’s affected by it that’s not you. Maybe in a good way, or maybe in a negative way, there will be at least one person who will also feel such change by your decision. But at the end of the day, we do what we feel is best for us. Whether it’s moving away, moving back, letting someone go, or getting back in touch with someone. . . whatever it is, go with all your heart and follow that wind of change. Because just standing there, other things and moments will blow right by you. Embrace whatever comes your way, or whatever way you go, because every day is truly different and you never know what to expect. Change happens, and it could all start with an unread text when you wake up. . .

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