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Moving and Shaking

I recently realized that I hate phone interviews. I had one on Monday, for a job about 5 hours north of here, and it went bad. I first thought it was just one person interviewing me, but there was 2 others. Unfortunately the main woman talking didn’t tell me how many others there were, so after they introduced themselves, I was silent waiting for the next and they asked if I was still there. There would be many more awkward silences as they wrote my responses down, and at times I had trouble hearing a word or two that they said. That always happens when at least one person’s on speaker mode. But in the end, it was a good experience and I will be okay. I think in a few weeks there will be another interview; here at my current workplace actually. I wish there was a better way to conduct interviews to find the right candidate. At this point, I would even do a Hunger Games trial to prove it rather than sit at a table not knowing what they’ll ask.

The day before I spent all day helping a friend move heavy furniture to his apartment. I abhorred how he lived on the 3rd floor, and I hated it even more since his apartment had no elevator. So up we carried everything 3 floors, making narrow turns and getting stuck every so often. In the end, I told my friend to try not to move anytime soon please. I might have to do it again, though, for my sister; who recently bought a home this week. She’s now about 4 minutes away from my parents, so we all know what that will mean: crying, crazy babies several days a week most likely. While everyone moves close to home, here I am looking to leave it. It’s perfectly fine, but if only chances would be offered. I’ve also lately looked at cost of cameras; for both photos and videos. We have two travel shows here in my state, and I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I’ve even emailed the one here to see if there was an open spot, but they never replied back. I was willing to work for cheap, if not freely.

And that’s one of the issues here, and everywhere, is that Catch 22 when it comes to getting jobs: degrees vs experience. Some want that degree but, when you get it, you don’t have the experience. While for others, it’s the other way around. And deep down, you know you would do well in that role but you’re either not given the chance or just don’t really impress in the interview. All the while, you see so many others in job positions where you’re like “How did they end up in that position??”. There’s no elevator to the top of success, as most of us must take the stairs. It just hurts when some can’t even open the door to take those stairs. It’d be great to start my own business. I’ve actually always wanted to open my own restaurant. So while life keeps going, and people move close, I’m still here waiting for that chance to take another step on the stairs that will help me go far. . .

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