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In Another Life

Somewhere out there you live life as best as you can

Laughing with your friends and loving your family

Studying hard at school and then working your new job

A cat or preferably a dog by your side as you navigate

For life is such a maze that we truly can’t go at it alone

I don’t know if we’ve met before or if we’re supposed to

But I do know I’ve dreamed of you a few times in my life

I could never make out the face yet I still felt comfort

From your hands on my cheek or to your warm embrace

You were there for me when I truly needed you

But that’s all it’s ever been was just a dream

Unfortunately one that I could never make true

Much time has past and many tragedies befell me

To the point where I am no longer myself

For I am merely a ghost now living in another life

Watching hope flutter before others daily

While I can no longer take part in that chase

Perhaps in another life we have met walking down a street

Or in a store, or reading at a coffee shop, maybe a concert

Gone out on dates, took some trips, met our families

Eventually having kids and raising a family together

Growing old and looking back on all that we’ve done

Sadly that will never happen for my turn has finished

It should’ve ended long ago but I was on borrowed time

And I tried my best to make the most of it while here

Shame I was unable to do the main thing and find you

Maybe we crossed paths before but never took that chance

Perhaps in another life we did jump together in faith

Did all those things side by side that I rarely have before

All to the point beyond the one I’m used to where I feel okay

Okay in asking the one thing I’ve always wanted to ask

Only you would understand me when I request this and smile

For you know how long I’ve been searching all these years

How I mean this in an endearing way to my partner in life

Whispering by your ear as we dance. . . Can I keep you?

But I can no longer for I’m just a ghost who’s forever isolated

Once more waiting and hoping to finally meet you in another life. . .

*inspired by the movie Casper and the song “One Last Wish”
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