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Spring Break, Shmring Shmreak

So now that everyone seems to have settled a bit, and no longer have big items that need moving, I can finally relax a bit and re-focus on myself again. Oddly, it’s been terribly cold here these few weeks which is very odd especially now in March. But I think come this Friday, the temperatures will go up into the 70’s (the 20’s for you Celsius lovers) which is certainly welcomed. Make no mistake I love the cold, but not forever. Every year is the same for me: when it’s summer I want it to be winter so badly, and then when winter is here I want the warmer weather to come back. Later this week, I can finally workout outside again and resume other activities!

Work’s been okay, and busy as usual around midterms, but sometimes I keep getting this feeling my boss wonders when I’ll get a new job. Not in a mean way, but caring way, because he knows I have my Master’s and I can’t stay here forever. That I’m meant for bigger things than the role I have. It’s interesting because recently a friend suggested that I consider voice acting. Voice acting? Now in my opinion, I hate the way I sound on recordings and the thought of constantly recording my voice I hesitate at. But I am aware of it’s uniqueness, and that’s especially true when I have a throat sickness or a night of extreme shouting at a concert. When that happens, I swear I sound almost like Barry White and no one ever wishes me well. When I first started blogging, I think I mentioned the desire to get into radio. One of my old favorite shows was Frasier and I used to dream of the idea of having my own show where I talk and help people. Then it became a desire to get into sports broadcasting, but I feel it’s not the same as it used to be.

As I dabble more into voice acting, there are so many things to have and do. Honestly, if any one of you out there has any advice or tips it’d be appreciated. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking elsewhere as well. With spring break about to start, unfortunately I don’t get the week off. My friends want to do something like a trip, but they struggle picking a place. If we do something, it’ll be great but if not it’s okay. I have a mini-family trip coming in June anyways upstate. It’s amazing to see how much my mother’s changed in a few years. For most of my life, she never liked going out much and just focused on her garden. Towards me (especially when I was in university), she was a little strict that I should focus on my grades, don’t go out so often, and avoid dating women at all costs. It’s not just cause I’m the youngest child, but also the bar wasn’t exactly set high by my siblings. Remember, the environment we grow up in is important to understanding someone.

And yet now, she’s so much different now that I’m 27 compared to, say, when I was 20 years old. School’s obviously over with, and she’s encouraging about finding a job; even seems a little okay about me traveling for a job IF necessary. And maybe it’s her grandmotherly side kicking in, but she’s even nudging me about “finding a good girl” finally. So with the previous trip to Florida, this trip in June, and the possible trip to New York (or Chicago hopefully) later this year, color me shocked to see her step out of her bubble after all these years. Maybe there’s an underlying reason to it all that she’s not telling us, but it’s nice to see her finally see the world; even if it’s baby steps while I want to run. Like they say, you’re never too old to start doing something. As for my personal trip abroad, she’s still resistant on that unless I can bring one of my friends (who are either broke or busy) to go with me. But that’s another topic for another day. So while many are off next week, I’ll be working, but it’s not so bad. It’s just spring break. As the season is changing, it’s time to come out of our own shells and warm up to different things; whether traveling, career change, whatever it may be. But just know, it’s never too late to make amazing things happen. . .

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