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I’m dying a little more with each passing day here

I can feel my body getting weaker and my hair falling out

I’m now just a Beast who no one could possibly love

Yet each night as I lay there in bed I think about life

About the moments I let slip away from me before

How I wish I could go back and make my amends

How I wish I could’ve said the things I wanted to say

But the moments and the people have all moved on

It really feels like it is only me that remains in my life

Yet when I close my eyes I am no longer alone

I can see myself as I had always wanted to see myself

And right beside me I am able to see you perfectly

The most beautiful person I have ever seen before

You’ve been there for me in my darkest times

When I needed you there to give me some comfort

I love the night knowing you’ll be there when I arrive

I hate when morning comes and I must be woken

Once again fighting a fight I can’t seem to win

Yet every moment with you is a victory to me

In my dream, life is perfect as opposed to this reality

If only I could stay there forever, there must be a way

I’m truly cold and alone here, but there I feel warm and happy

In your embrace, gazing at those eyes and smile of yours

I don’t want to lose you too, I want to finally live again

I’m tired of being pulled away from the Beauty of my dreams

As night falls again, what if I pulled back on Life’s cord instead. . .

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