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Lackluster Heat

So remember last week I said it was cold? I miss those days too, because now the heat is on and though technically it’s “spring season” it’s really early summer as we call it. I wish I could go to the ocean. Y’all have no idea how long it’s been since I have seen the ocean. I did swim in the river that one time I went to camp a few years ago, I could use another camp weekend as well. I’m off on a tangent, what’s lackluster is myself as I feel like I’m back in the mundane. Nothing exciting going on or that I can really do. I’m in one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations. I could go out more and do fun things like museums/concerts/festivals/roadtrips, but then that will chew into my savings for international trips. Or I could keep saving, and sacrifice doing things like skydiving and scuba diving. I’ve even thought about getting a new laptop to allow me to actually write and research! I feel bad that I always promise to write more on here and not doing it, but my options are limited. I could either use my very slow laptop that could have an error at any moment, or use a public computer but privacy of writing blog posts and book entries goes down. Last thing I need is crafty nephews deleting writings, or running out of time at the public library to save. I actually did spend over $200 for concert tickets next January! So I guess that’s a long-term investment in my mind. Of course this wouldn’t be a major issue if I had a full-time job, but it’s moments like these where you step back and see things others tend to not notice. I’ve talked about this topic before, but that “how can we see the world when we work 9-5” thing keeps popping into my head.

I finally (FINALLY!) heard back from the job where I had the terrible phone interview experience. Didn’t get the job, and while I keep looking for jobs I just kept thinking: How can I do what I really want to do? How can I do something that not only lets me feel valuable, but also allows me to explore without having to worry if I have “enough days” to take off to do so? This career-centric world we live in sometimes isn’t fun. Some of you work jobs that tire you out mentally each day, and others don’t even have jobs wondering if they’ll ever get a chance soon. Some might question if what they studied was worth it, but if we all studied the “popular” choices (medicine, computers, engineering, business.) then we’d be flooded with many jobless. Where would the amazing chefs and bakers be? Or the tv broadcaster during the week? Or the famous archaeologist or animal expert? Where would they be if they were forced to instead pursue computers just like everyone else. Don’t regret where you are now or what you chose, because what you learned can be applied elsewhere if you put your mind to it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of location, as I’ve applied to places far from home too. Not internationally because that’s a bit harder to do, but across the U.S.. It might be easier for many if we moved out to the middle of nowhere to get jobs, but not many want to actually do that. We all want to be surrounded (to some degree) by other people where there’s a mix of interesting things to do both close and a drive away. Drop us into nowhere and it would be hard to keep us there long, and with many choosing to live in a big town (rather than help grow a small one) we have no choice but to compete and settle for what we can. I never try to settle.

I’ve thought about pursuing other things like writing, as I mentioned before. I’ve even considered moving this blog to (I still get confused why they just can’t merge the two, best of both worlds), and actually start my books. Y’all already know about my thoughts of packing a bag and just going anywhere, but I do think about buying a nice camera and take trips on weekends to other towns and recording it for vlogs. There’s a show called the Daytripper that I really like watching, and was inspired to do the same. I’ve watched other more famous travel hosts, but not many truly click with me. Some feel like I’m on a field trip learning only about history. As much as I love history, they make it feel “old and boring” I’m sorry to say. That and other things I have on my mind, but like in a prior post I still feel stuck in a bit of stagnation. But I know I’m not alone out there, as many of you feel stuck. It’s all about timing and knowing when to take a chance. Whether it’s a job opportunity, travel, friends, whatever it may be you just have to take a leap of faith. Try not to regret following your passion instead of settling, because I always say it’s better to live a life of “Oh well.” than one of “What if?”. With fiesta and Easter coming up, hopefully my mind will be more at ease and just enjoy the moments. Eventually you’ll come across good fortune. You just might have to nudge someone, take that leap, and say “Hey! How are you?”.

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