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Pit of Darkness

I don’t know when I fell into this well or how I did

All I know is that a long time has passed since then

And I’ve grown accustomed to living in this hole

It used to be scary but not anymore I admit

But there are moments that truly frighten me

When dark clouds reappear and begin their dance

Rain has started to fall from the sky

Oh no not again I thought I was doing so good

It’s okay I’ve been through this many times before

The first few attempts were the scariest ones

I thought I would drown in this well in the past

But oddly it actually brings me closer to the top

Only once was I very close to the light beyond

Rain continues to fall even harder

The water level is rising a bit more than I expected

Was it something I said or did that keeps it going

Or someone’s words or actions outside causing this

The rain crashing onto the pool rising around me

It sounds like fire crackling or loud applause

As if it’s encouraging me to rise to the light above

Rain continues to fall into the deep

Something’s wrong I’ve never been this close before

I’ve gone further into it than the first time I felt it

I call out for help from anyone who is close by

No matter what though no one is coming for me

Everytime they asked if I was okay I wasn’t honest

Instead of I need help I would smile and say I’m fine

Rain falls unrelentlessly inside the well

I find myself spiraling down in the dark as everything comes to light

Every single day is a battle here no one rarely even notices

It’s amazing how it all opens at the close with escape near

As the the well is almost full and sealed off by the rain burying me

I could’ve sworn I saw a hand crash into the water reaching for me

Or perhaps I’m imagining and that was just in my mind as well

Rain has stopped falling. . .

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