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So close yet. . .

No luck. After feeling confident about my interviews, I was greeted with a letter from HR: You were not selected. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, because truth was I was feeling very down since I felt the best I’ve ever had for interviews. While many of my other friends are having luck and getting jobs, I’m still struggling because I like taking the roads less traveled. I do this, because I know that if I can break through it will be worth it. However, I have never had this much bad luck before. Whether it was my college job, internship, or grad school job I got it in one shot. But with every job rejection, to me, it’s like getting hit in the gut with a baseball bat. Positive words from friends and family is nice, but those words can only last so long before they change to “Why are you not hired yet?”. Truth is I don’t know why, but I know I’m not the only one out there and that’s what keeps me going; knowing we’re not alone. My boss, himself, always tells me how long it took for him to get this job and how many rejections he faced. All I know is that I’m driven, I’m creative, I get along well with people, and I’m willing (hoping) to travel. . . the perfect candidate!

Little jokes aside, I have been applying elsewhere again with an eye towards abroad. I’ve talked about it before, but in a teaching sense. Yet I know there’s got to be an opportunity I’m not seeing, there’s always something. It can be said with a lot of our degrees that we have, in which the skills we studied can be applied in another field. So in my case, I’ve also had my eye in marketing & media. Media, well, I have been on camera a few times and I do dream of having a travel show. And marketing, I work great with others of all backgrounds and I love creativity (as you might notice in some of my writings). All it takes is a chance, right? So I definitely see myself abroad, though if I was fluent it would be more than mainly UK and Australia/New Zealand. But the search goes on!

Also in the meantime, I did some retail therapy and bought tickets to events such as seeing Hugh Jackman! My poor bank account. I remember promising myself I would behave and save for a trip. It’s still possible come Christmas time, but I need to be careful. And today I applied to volunteer at the hospital. I’m not sure where they will put me, if selected, but I listed the children’s ward, oncology, and the waiting rooms as options. I’ve always wanted to volunteer at the hospital, but in grad school I was too busy and after I graduated I have been focused on trying to find a new job. I figured once I settled in to my new job, I would have a better understanding of my schedule and go from there. But something in my gut said don’t wait any longer, just do it. And though I want to volunteer at a few more places, I will wait and see what they tell me here and what my schedule might be. I’d love to partake in sports leagues, dance classes, and other things as well, but I should save some money before signing up. If only I had gotten that job. I’m not giving up, because I know I’m getting close to something. Art is imitating life, because it’s been cloudy and rainy here for over a week. Eventually, though, the sun will shine through and I’ll get what I seek; even if it wasn’t what I was expecting. . .

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