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Research and Giving

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I have been volunteering at a horse therapy place. It was for almost two months, and it was a great experience. A lot of working in the hot weather, but you get used to it. You might be aware I tried to volunteer at the hospital, and I was quite close. I went to orientation, got my shots, went through background check, and even got my shirt and id card. When I went for the interview to talk about what department I’d like to work in, and my available hours, the lady I spoke with didn’t know and said the director would email me. . . Never got an email. I followed up almost a week later, and no reply. What was insulting was I still got emails about volunteer news and updates. I unsubscribed from those yesterday.

Now I could’ve replied to those emails, or kept bugging them to deal with this, but as I was getting ready for the interviews I thought it wouldn’t be wise especially if I got the job. Volunteering at a hospital means committing a certain number of hours, which I can’t do if I’m living almost 2 hours away. So I let it go, and this past weekend I also emailed the horse therapy place saying I won’t be able to go anymore. I hated ended it abruptly like that, but my schedule these next few weeks won’t allow it. However once I complete my move up there, and get settled in, I hope to look around for new volunteering opportunities. I haven’t done much research yet, but I bet there’s plenty to do. I just can’t wait to explore the nature scene, and be on the river and try to kayak again. Maybe I’ll finally get to try paddle boarding as well.

But right now, most of my time is being spent apartment hunting. It’s truly a pain, because you have so many choices. Then you read some recent reviews, and see the terrible management and it’s disappointing. I have a general idea what part of town I want to live in, and the apartments there seem nice and close to convenient places like food shops and stuff. But again, those reviews or the date an apartment becomes available can be a turn-off. This weekend, my family and I will make the drive and do a few tours to see if there’s one we like. It could change, however, with unexpected family things but hopefully we can go. I officially signed the offer letter they sent me today, and the ball has begun to roll faster. . .

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