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Who Surrounds You

Today was the busiest day of the year at my job. There was no way I was leaving without helping my coworkers on this day, and I certainly was worked. Moving our entire office down to the lower section of campus, and then back up in the hot summer afternoon is never fun. But hey, free breakfast tacos and pizza for lunch; I can’t complain too much! Throughout the morning though, I was seeing some coworkers from other departments that I hardly see; some I met for the first time. And as I sit here typing, I can’t help but think of that expression “You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with”. That expression rang true today, because as more people were talking about me leaving and how I will be missed, some of the new faces I met were willing to help me. One who works in a similar department that I will be working at in September gave me some suggestions for the job. She even offered to introduce me to people, around my age, who also moved up to that city as a way for me to know some folks from the get-go.

My new boss texted me as well to tell me something, but also if I needed any help with apartment hunting. He gave me advice in regards to traffic, and even offered to have my other soon-to-be coworkers message me advice too! I can’t help but be grateful to have this support as I prepare to move. It will truly make the process much easier, especially knowing at least one person up there. Lately I’ve been around people who were not so happy that I was leaving. Of course, happy about the opportunity but sad to see me go. As much as I try to deflect it, it still affects me knowing I’m kind of doing this on my own. Sure I’ll see them at least once a month when I come back, but how long will that last? As we go through change, sometimes we try to hold on to bits of our past; seeing if we can keep peace between both worlds. For some it works, but for others it doesn’t last long as they fully embrace the new change. And for someone like me, who’s been writing and begging for some kind of change, what’s to say that won’t happen to me either?

What if I meet that amazing group of people and they want to spend the Christmas holidays or my birthday together? Or when I was planning to go home for a casual visit, but someone offers to take me to a concert that I’ve always wanted to see? As much as I want to say I will stay in touch with my past, I am pretty sure eventually (if things go well) I’ll simply adjust to my new life. As I said, there have been some friends who didn’t really say much when I told them; even though it’s only been a few months since we talked. Others none too pleased, and make it known. While today, and up there, I’ve met people who are supportive and offering to help. I want that. I always tell people to surround yourself with positive, motivated people because it truly seeps into you and you feel the energy. And that’s who I hope to have when I move up there, at least I know I do at my work which is good! There’s also those around the world who are positive and encouraging; the only thing frustrating is being so far away, but hopefully one day that will change. Who knows, maybe whatever new group of friends I make up there will be down to travel. Then I can finally have that tight-knit group of trip seekers (I always wanted to incorporate my blog name into a post) that will be down for adventures like me. Right now, all I know is I’m tired from today and can’t wait to rest. And maybe eat some pizza. . .

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