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Signed, Sealed, . . . Delivered?

So I was able to survive Friday’s chaotic time at work, as well as Sunday and today’s workload. There were many things I ended up doing, and I did not get much rest. On Saturday, my sister and mother went with me to go apartment hunting. At first, it didn’t sound like it’d be too difficult, but I’ll tell you now apartment hunting sucks. There are many factors to consider when searching: commuting time, the surrounding neighborhood, the management, overcrowding, the amentities, and so much more. As I kind of knew, but now I can confirm, no place will be perfect. I won’t know how my neighbors will be or if management will be good or constantly changing, but you just have to trust your gut and try. So I found a place that seems to be in a good spot, with a daily commute to work about half an hour. That sure is better than a 1.5-1.75 hour drive everyday; believe me. I’m not too far from shopping places, and things to do. And I’m even close to a lake and parks! That part I’m most excited about, especially considering I won’t be able to “go out” and spend for fun much. I already told myself that whatever money I do have for free spending I will stash away for that long long loooong overdue trip abroad.

Last night I sent in my application for that apartment, and hopefully tomorrow I will receive word on if they approved it. I’m sure I will, and next week we can start the move. As much as I wanted to get the slightly bigger apartment, with a fireplace, it was wiser for me not to so I can save $700+ for whatever else; like the trip. I’m very glad to be off work the rest of the week, because I truly needed this time to just unwind and take in everything. I can also start planning what items I will need to take with me, and I might go thrift shopping to find some interesting stuff. The excitement has kind of waned off, but I know it’ll come back as soon as the first night in my new apartment happens. Yet I’m sure there will be days where I hate “adulting”, but it’s all part of our journey. I may not be able to see your faces as you read this or my other posts, but I feel it and I hope your journey is going well. And if you’re going through change, or about to, it’s okay to be nervous. It’s like skydiving; unsure if your parachute will carry you safely to your landing spot. You just have to try. Otherwise you’ll be pushed out the plane eventually, so you might as well take the chance on your own terms. It sure is a lot better than sitting there the whole time wondering “what if”. So keep chasing, and just see what happens. . .

4 comments on “Signed, Sealed, . . . Delivered?

  1. Anna | Yes, Little Hummingbird? says:

    Good luck! I hope you get the apartment!


    1. Steven says:

      Thanks Anna! I hope so too, because those non-refundable application fees hurt haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Steven says:



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