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Definitely Delivered!

In keeping up with my last post about my apartment, I bring good news: I got approved for the apartment!! I sent the application Sunday night, and this morning I decided to email to get an update. About an hour later, I got the response I was hoping for. It’s a relief knowing I don’t have to worry about looking elsewhere; hoping there’s availability in time for my first day at work. Now the focus turns to checking off what items I will need for the place I will be calling home away from home. Yesterday I went to look around for some things, and I walked away with a unique measuring cup that has all the different units around it. I also got some plates, and two cook books. I liked them because they were finger foods and healthy recipes. As much as I wanted to live a healthy life at home, it’s quite hard when the rest of your family eats other things. I will probably be much slimmer come Christmas time! I’m really looking forward to winter, especially at work. Since I’ll be at a bigger university, and still haven’t explored all of it, it will feel like Christmas time at Hogwarts. I still have to figure out parking over there, as I can’t really do anything else until I go back up there to sign paperwork. While I also wait for my lease quote and welcome letter, it’s one less thing to worry about (finding a home) as we draw closer and closer to the start of a new chapter. . .

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