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Payments, Preparations and (Ugly) Photos

I’m really not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. That happens every time I take a break, and enjoy the sloth lifestyle. Well, I haven’t been totally lazy as I’ve been busy contacting the gas and electric companies to set up my apartment. It’s still new to me saying “my apartment”, and I don’t know how to feel. I say that because, on the outside, it is cool having your own place and sounding independent. On the other hand, when you realise the cost of doing such, and seeing how much money you may have left at year’s end. . . is it worth it? I have no regrets at all, but I didn’t realize all the little things (costs) that come with simply getting an apartment. Go buy electricity, go buy gas, gotta get internet, renter’s insurance, parking permit, work parking permit, pet registration (if you have one), security deposits, and whatever else there is. Hopefully I get both turned on by next Friday when I move. Today I made the drive up there, so I can get my work ID and update my online work account. I look absolutely terrible in my photo (I blame the lighting), and will do my best to hide that thing as best as I can for as long as I can. Where I work, we allow people to take another photo if they hate how they look in the first one; here it was one take, ugh. Anyone else hate their ID photo? Whether it is for work, school, driver’s license or passport photo… why can’t we ever look decent in most of them? Once we came home, my folks and I went to dinner at the restaurant that infamously is connected to my graduation dinner almost 2 years ago.

You know, the one with the gift card debacle(?). Well it’s fitting that, as I leave, I finally have a valid gift card with the money on it so I can go and take family or friends for free meals. So now that I’m nearly done with my new job’s paperwork, apartment documents, and current job’s paperwork, all that leaves is the goodbyes. At work Monday, we’re supposed to go out to lunch. It’ll be tough as I start walking away from the office Wednesday; knowing it will be a long, long time before I come back to visit. I also need to visit some old work colleagues from other universities as well. I feel bad knowing that I leave them without seeing them often, and that I leave right after visiting them. But life pulls us in different directions. There are those we wish we could take with us, but maybe they’re going a different path, maybe they’re simply too far to make the journey (even if they wanted to come), maybe it was just right place/wrong time. All I know is that whoever I stumble upon in my life, good or bad, brief or long time known, I’m glad I was able to learn from them and be inspired in some way. I may not remember every conversation we might’ve had, but I remember their face; their name. And once in a while I might think of them, and simply hope their journey is going well. Because I know that one way or another, we all move on and carry on to the next chapter in store for us. . .

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