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Park & Pack

As much as I try to avoid sweets, this being my final week home makes a perfect excuse to indulge myself to some treats. I’m an absolute sucker for cookies & cream flavored things; ice cream, brownies, etc. That and smores are my weaknesses, so today I can’t wait to eat some c&c brownies! I also was able to take care of my parking situation. I ended up shelling out about $580 to get a parking garage spot. It is a lot to spend, but it covers the entire school year and I don’t have to leave too too early to look for parking around campus; thus wasting more gas. And the great thing about this garage is that it’s right by the stadium, so I’ll see that every day, and I’ll walk by the gym that I can go to after work each day. It’s not the closest parking I could’ve gotten, but the nearest garage was waitlisted and I wasn’t going to risk losing out on the other garages. Plus, it’s not that far from my office and I’ll be walking in the cool mornings; October weather please get here quickly! It will be an absolute beautiful walk come winter time. All that leaves now is to get renter’s insurance, and then I can focus on packing everything up. I’m nearly there, and it gets more and more comforting knowing I have less things to worry about here. . .

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