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End Scene & the Pack Attack

My final day at my current job was uniquely calm and busy at the same time.

In the morning it was quiet as I thought I would work only 4 hours, get off at 1:00pm, go home and enjoy the rest of my day. Except it was not to be, as my supervisor asked me to stay all day. Truthfully I didn’t mind as it was a few extra hours of money, and I mostly sat there today. But that’s all I did. . . sit there mostly, and it killed me! Except near the end, as people kept calling or coming by the office; I wondered who would be the final face I helped there at the office. When I finally went out and delivered some reports to another department, I only got to say goodbye to one coworker there I usually talked to. The other two were on lunch, I assume, and so it was just her and her boss; who before today was always “not friendly” to me I shall say. She never thought I worked and was always busy talking, which she loved making snide remarks about. Yet today, she was all smiles and wishing me good luck and that I would do great at my new job. (Insert shocked Pikachu meme here) I was thinking “Who is this?!” and thought maybe she was ill. Had her grinchy persona finally go away, or was this only joy that I was leaving? Whatever the reason, I took it and ran off with it knowing that will probably never happen again. Funny enough, I ran into her again when I went to buy lunch at Einstein’s Bagels (after finding out I worked all day, and didn’t bring my own food) and she was kind again but I just wanted to get my food and go.

I said goodbye to others around campus, too, and of course my coworkers. When I went to lunch, apparently my supervisor thought I left for good and was sad until my other workers told her I was just getting food. She was always a pleasure to work with these past 4 years, and she even gave me a gift today which was kind. I’ll miss them, and I hope to see them again someday soon. It will be tough, though, since we share the same work schedule basically so when I’m off on vacation they will be too. It will figure itself out, and so now the focus is packing up for the great move. For now, the winter gear will have to wait until October-ish as I will only take the summer-y clothes. The idea is to take the heavy stuff first on Friday, then the lighter stuff Saturday and perhaps Sunday. I just hope everything goes well Friday when it’s time to get my keys to the apartment; especially parking. I mentioned in another post about someone at work who might help me with making new friends in the new city. Well, she never replied (perhaps busy) and so it appears I’ll be on my own for a bit at first. It’s disappointing, but while I may not know anyone in person there yet. . . I have you folks! You all around the world who have been with me through thick and thin, especially when I’ve been away for some months. And soon this blog will go through some changes too, as I hope to do come this weekend (after I finish moving). Bear with me, if it takes until Monday though as by then I should be officially settled into my new place; nervously wondering what to wear for my first day at my new job. The last few minutes at my work, today, I played the song “Sign of the Times”; which is one of my favorite songs and was fitting for this moment. A chapter has finally ended, and it’s time to venture down a new road. Goodbyes were said, and soon hellos will be given to new faces. Change is officially upon us, and you’re along for the ride. . .

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