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Day 2 of Moving

I’m tired. That’s all I can summarize these past two days. Signing and paying the remaining amount to get the keys left my bank account weeping; wondering why it was being hurt like so. Then day 1 of moving half the mattress, the dresser, the TV stand & TV, and a bunch of clothes and other things. I felt okay after that, and then day 2 was today. In came the other half of the mattress, the couch, the lamps, the chairs, some more books and movies. All of that in one truck with most in the flatbed. Imagine how that must’ve looked driving for over an hour and a half. After unloading, and unpacking, we did a little grocery shopping. It didn’t last long, and I’ll have to buy some more stuff on my own; meaning I need to buy the food I really want to eat, like fish.

Barring anything unforeseen, tomorrow should be my last day here in my hometown, and I’ll officially begin the next chapter on my own. All that remains is getting the internet in my apartment. I could also go to the public lounge and use the wifi there, but I kinda want my privacy. I love laying in bed, before I go to sleep, and watch my Youtube videos that I missed for the day. Or being able to type here on my blog on my comfy couch. You get the point, but getting the internet could take several days as I really don’t want to pay for a technician to come in and install it. I think I’m tech-savvy enough to do it myself. We’ll see, but all the heavy stuff has been moved and all that remains are maybe 3 boxes of some final stuff and a nightstand. Nearly there folks, nearly there. . .

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