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I told y’all changes were coming to my blog, and here it is!! I rarely get comments, but if you could let me know what you think I’d really appreciate it. I’m unsure about the grey background/white text format of my posts, but if you all are not bothered by it then I’ll keep it this way. As for the name, I debated back and forth what name to go by: Chasing Hope or Trip Seekers. In a way, they’ve always gone hand-in-hand. We’re all seeking a trip to/away from something, and we chase what we desire to have. That and the available domain names kind of swayed me to choose tripseekers. Anyway, what took me so long right? Well, as you know I have just moved to a new city and after the actual “moving in” part was finished I still had to sort everything out.

This included getting certain accounts taken care of; with the most recent being the internet set up here. I remember telling you that I would rather not go to the main lobby to use their wifi due to no privacy; and you just never know who’s there being nosy. Ironic as I type this, I know. But I went to the internet store to get a self-installation kit, and (surprise, surprise) it wouldn’t work when I tried to install it myself. I waited an extra 30 minutes at the store just to get it, tired and hungry after work (I’ll get to that later), and spent most of the night trying to resolve it. Then tonight, I call the tech support line, and after waiting 20 minutes to talk with someone it turns out it was the wrong department. So I had to wait another 20 or so minutes. Then it took about 40 minutes just to finally(!!) get wifi and internet up and rolling.

The relief was real, because besides doing my personal stuff like emailing, checking orders, and other stuff on my laptop, I did think of this blog and you out there; knowing I had a promise to keep. And so you’re probably wondering: How’s the new job and city Steven?!?! Well so far it’s like any new job; survive the awkward “getting to know everyone” phase. I know I’ll get along great with them, but I don’t think they know it yet. It’s weird to say, I know, because usually it’s the other way around where the new person is shy. But me, I’m trying to contain my eagerness to fit right in as if I’ve been there for a long time. They do seem great, though, especially since they try to all eat lunch together. How many of you out there eat with your coworkers almost every day?

I’m not used to that, so the family vibe is really awesome to see. As for the learning material, well, that sucks. We all know the first week or so is tough as we learn so many things. The same goes for me, and that includes just my computer. I’ve never used a Mac computer before, and now I have to learn it fast! But I’m inquiring about things, and I might join the “FUN committee” to help the department engage in fun activities. Other than that, it’s been okay. I like my parking spot, as every day I walk by the big football stadium. It’ll be perfect in the winter time, but right now I hate walking in summer. It’s been typically 102 degrees Farenheit here! At least it’s not Arizona heat.

I think I’ll be using my scooter to go to work and my parking lot in the meantime. As for city exploring, I have yet to do that. I did mini-trips to the mall and stores but that’s it. This weekend, I hope to go to a park or the lake nearby. My family will come up Saturday, so I guess I won’t be able to attend the big football game that night. I’m slowly acclimating to it all here, and having the internet is immense help. I’m back, and now we’re in this together. Let me know what you think of the new look, and I’ll see y’all soon. I’m so not used to waking up at 6:10 AM every morning. . .

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