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So the good news is the pills worked! I got about 7.5 hours sleep, which I was happy about. The not bad, but not great news was I didn’t know how powerful the feeling would be. In my tired – I’ll do anything for sleep – state, I took 2 pills instead of the 1. About an hour and a half later, I was feeling a sudden rush to close my eyes. I had to cut my conversation with my mom short on the phone, because I could not stay up any longer. The other thing I did not expect was the after effects. Driving to work, and the first hour or so at work, was not bad at all. I felt refreshed! But around 10:00am, I suddenly felt that same rush and my eyes were feeling very heavy. It was embarrassing since I was with people, and I prayed no attention was focused to me. If you looked at me, you would’ve seen my eyes open; but the struggle was real on my end. And then I don’t remember when exactly, but that feeling just disappeared from out of nowhere and the rest of the day I was good to go. You might think, go easy on the pills or don’t take them again. . . I may have had another one tonight. Just one! This weekend will be none, and hopefully I’ll see if the insomnia finally vanished. The box says non-habit forming, so don’t judge my internet friends. (Who am I kidding, I’d probably do the same.)

But today at work was another ho-hum kind of day. The training is over, so now is the shadow/observe phase. This should last till around the end of the month, and then I’ll start taking more of a lead. By the end of October, I should be ready to go solo and have my own caseload. I have my 1st presentation next Tuesday. I’m not really nervous about presenting to people, but I am nervous if I don’t know the material I talk about. Because then I’m just spitting out anything and, depending on the topic, my BS skills can only carry me so far. But this should be okay, and I will use this weekend to go over it some. I probably won’t go out much, again, this weekend to explore. My car made some gurgling noises when I arrived home to my apartment today. It has to do with the freon, but that’s just one of the many issues with this old car. It’s a 2002 car, and it has certainly built up miles on it. I really need a new car. My parents offered the truck, but I don’t want it. I don’t mind driving it, but this city I live in is one of those “compact” cities. Streets are a little tighter, the turns more sharper, and the parking not “big vehicle” friendly in some parts of town. And I park in a parking garage at work, and I do not trust my parking skills in a garage with that truck. I could have the mindset that I will push others out of my way, but accidents can still happen. I’m more of a SUV kind of guy, since it can do so many things.

More than anything, I’d love to have a Jeep. I’m trying to get into the outdoors more now that I have the freedom to do so, and that car is perfect for that and daytripping. So after telling my parents about the latest car issue today, I was told to just look around and see what’s out there for sale. Obviously, you know what I googled in town. There’s a few top contenders, but right now it’s just searching. But honestly, I don’t see this car being around for another year. The radio is barely there, the A/C isn’t powerful, the brakes not as strong, the suspension squeaks, among other things. Old squeaky-mcgee has got to go. I think me living in another town may have sped up my mom’s plan to get a new car too. Living back home isn’t so bad, because someone can drive 10-25 minutes and get me or fix the car. Now, I’m about an hour and 45 minutes away in a town we have no sense of direction in. The people aren’t as friendly here; maybe cause of the Californians moving here? So that’s probably why the search has begun. Either way, if I get a new car I of course have to pay for it. That might affect travel plans, which I really really hope it doesn’t. But we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I think I feel the pill kicking in so I’m going to try and get 8 hours tonight. One more day till the weekend, we can do this. . .

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