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So today was my 1st time doing a presentation to a group of students. It’s something that I will be doing, I’m not sure how often per year, but this was just 3 weeks into the job. Did I fully know what I was talking about? N-O! I had a general idea, and actually presenting isn’t so intimidating to me. Unless they just stare at you, which the small group I presented to sort of did at times. I couldn’t even look at my script, because it took too long to find the place I’m at and again they’re looking at me. I couldn’t make it too obvious that I didn’t fully know the topic. But overall, it went well and I got them to be engaging. From what my coworker (previous group leader) and student mentor told me is that they aren’t the talkative type unless nudged into it.

It’s funny, and mindblowing in it’s own way, how as a student I was like them; preferring to be quiet and just get the class or lecture over with. But now on the other side of the coin, it’s frustrating when they do that. It goes by a lot more entertaining and fun when the audience is engaging. And emphasizing the importance of going out and joining different organizations, clubs, internships is crucial. I don’t recall getting that kind of talk when I was in university. In my free time, I worked to pay off school but I wanted to socialize and learn what opportunities there was. I was also a little shy, so I didn’t explore and chose to hang out with my friends instead. I can’t undo what I’ve done in the past, but I know I wanted to do something that allowed me to give others a chance at taking those opportunities.

As I get familiar with some of the places on campus, I’m also starting to get familiar with my coworkers. This week already, I’ve been talking more with a few of them and talking about interests and such. Like I said, they all seem great, but many are busy so the mingle time is not very often. And as the new guy, it can be hard to warm up to me since I’m an unknown. They already have their little cliques, so-to-speak. I also don’t want to act too silly or over-the-top, and come off as “trying too hard” which is never good. It’s also new for me working with people around my age. Not counting grad school, the places I’ve worked at was with people around 40 years old and higher. Here, I’m not the youngest anymore as mostly everyone is around 25-38 years old. It can be hard since I’m not in touch with the times of today. I don’t snap, tweet, insta, etc., I don’t follow much of the current popular music, and I don’t follow gossip or major current events people talk about.

I just live my life, as fun and drama-free as I can. Some might say I’m being ignorant, but if someone is in need I’m there and if topics were brought up to me I have sensible thoughts. So it was easy and great for me working with the older crowd, since most weren’t really glued to their phone and I actually understood their generational references and made some in return. So while some of my new coworkers are warming up to me, I’m also adapting to this new scenario where I guess I should be more in touch with my 27 – going on 28 – self. Especially in this young person’s, tech-driven city I cannot hide in the outdoors forever. Change has happened, and now adaptation is going on. This Friday, after a work retreat, we might go out for happy hour which I’m excited about. It’ll allow me to be more loose, as opposed to being the “formal new guy”. Hopefully it’ll speed up them warming up to me. I’m just glad my first presentation is over, as the next one probably won’t be until later this year or next. And soon, it’ll be time to explore what events occur in this town. . .

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