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As week 3 is about to wrap up here, I’m slowly starting to become less dependent on my GPS. I should clarify by stating I’m talking about my work commute. On my way to work, I don’t use it at all since I only take one route to it. Should there be an accident or terrible weather, then I’ll definitely pull out the GPS again. On the way back home, however, I still always use it. Everyday there seems to be some sort of traffic happening, but it helps to know if there is an accident. I’m slowly, but surely, kind of learning my way home as certain streets are becoming familiar. Work Steven is knowing his streets. Social Steven, on the other hand, still has no idea what places are where. I know how to get to the grocery store and Target, as they’re both literally down the street from me. I can vaguely find my way to a Walmart, and I know there’s a shopping mall near to that.

This weekend, the initial plan is to once again buy groceries and perhaps go to the shopping mall to look at clothes for work. I was also thought about checking out the nearby movie theater to see Ad Astra. I know, I know. . . I always said going to the movies alone was one thing I would never do. While I still don’t like the thought, the fact is I don’t know anyone here. And I’ve been doing things by myself this whole time, which for now I am getting used to. Every week, I meet with my supervisor for one-on-one meetings to check in on how are things at work and personal life. She’s very sweet and caring, and today she asked how I’m handling life in a new city. Like probably some of you, she felt bad that I don’t know anyone here which could get lonely. After seeing her sad face, I had to stress that I was okay! That I’ve gone through periods in my life where I had to go on my own for things.

I also said one of the main reasons is money, as I only have so much to keep me going until my 1st paycheck. Here in this city, some things cost more than back home, while others cost money when I’m used to paying nothing at all. Did you know that many parks/lakes here cost money to park and visit? You don’t know how much I miss just parking at the lake near my home and walking around for free! My supervisor told me about some of the free things around town too, but that I can also volunteer. I suggested that, but for now I’m not sure if now’s a good time since it is a commitment to do. Perhaps Saturday mornings? I don’t know yet, but for now I’m okay. Have there been moments this week where I felt a little down? Yeah, I’ll admit it. Sometimes change can be difficult emotionally. Some of you out there can relate. On one hand it’s exciting, as you can create new stories as you see them. On the other, it can be hard to write stories as just a narrator; no new characters or places yet.

I know if I told friends or family back home, they’d probably not help. I know my family would love to have me back. So as I always said, you folks out there reading this are along for the ride with me. We may not speak, or maybe not speak as often as we should, but it is comforting to know I have friends around the world who understand and relate in some way. For now, I’m just taking it day-by-day and familiarizing myself with streets. The people will come eventually, I just need to keep on trucking through times like these. Oh, as for the “almost locked out” part, here at the apartment the gates are starting to work again. I tried to get out one morning, but my gate control wouldn’t work. I think it’s cause I wasn’t close enough, because when I tried to turn around it opened when I was next to the gate. I know the gate code, in case, but these past 2 days when I got home the gates were open at the right time for me. Maybe they got too many complaints about it, and just left them open for now? Not sure, but I hope it doesn’t become an issue later. If it does, all we can do is keep on trucking. No matter what. . .

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