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So today started off bad. I was driving to work, and typically it’s dark while I am driving when I pulled up at a red light. All of a sudden this big truck got behind me, and had the brightest lights on. Both of my mirrors were shining that light in my eyes, so I lowered my head to avoid it. Tired Steven did not want that headache ruining my morning. So while I was avoiding my mirrors, out of the corner of my eye I see a green light appear so I go forward. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the street did I realize that it was the turn left light that was green, and not my light so that we could go forward. I was completely embarrassed, but I was already committed to driving so I kept going. I couldn’t just stop and reverse back. I’m just glad that this city passed the bill to stop using red light cameras. The last thing I need is driving tickets to pay for, but I definitely need to be more careful.

As for the day, it was basically half a day as we went on a work retreat to the associate dean’s house. Nothing much to write home about, but it was nice meeting two of the “higher ups”. We didn’t stay after to do team building activities; instead opting to go out for happy hour. I guess that’s team building in itself. Honestly that was a good experience for me. I was doing okay getting to know my coworkers at the office, but not as well as I wanted. But tonight really helped, and we got to bond better over some good food and drinks. Not everyone attended tonight, but most were there and it’s nice to see them relaxed and letting loose. Maybe next time we will try karaoke! One thing certain is that they do try to do happy hour every so often. I do like that family dynamic about this group of coworkers. Despite all the changes and hectic stuff they went through before I joined, they’ve persisted and hung in there. I’ll do my best to help and add my personality to the fold. Eventually the “new guy” label will fall off, and tonight was a fun start to that. Hopefully Monday carries on that momentum, but who knows. For now, I’ll just relax this evening and weekend until that first paycheck finally arrives (surprise, surprise). . .

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