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It’s hot y’all. I learned that as I walked over to the main building on campus to pick up an extra polo shirt they had. In my office, we have (soon to be had, as they’ll be donated) many polos. None of them are in size Medium, so I got the Large ones instead. I remember the days where I was an Extra Large on the verge of needing XX Large. Once in a blue moon, that thought still hits me how much I’ve physically changed. The Large polos fit “okay”, but they’re a little too long and loose on me. Either I put on some weight, or wait till the Medium orders come in to our office. Based on how I’ve been eating, I think I’ll slim down even more to fit into the Mediums more nicely. Anyway, walking to and back obviously led to some sweating. I don’t mind it, especially when working out. But for me, I absolutely hate when it’s when I’m wearing nice clothes. Anyone else relate to that?

Unfortunately, the hot weather doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Early October will probably be in the lower/mid 90 degrees. Even when we get used to certain weather, it doesn’t mean we enjoy it. I wonder if places like Nebraska have the best weather; not very hot and not very cold often. Do you ever daydream about the future? Maybe not often, but those random days where you just look ahead to where you might be? I did that today; in terms of careers. Daydreams are not always concrete, but usually “what if” or imagining a unique life. Even though I’m liking where I am now, and can see myself there for years, I imagined me elsewhere. I thought about what if I got a job in Chicago or New York. I think long ago I mentioned wanting to live in Chicago or similar cities; even Colorado. The imagination didn’t last long, but the thought of being given that chance and exploring the unknown I guess is what excites me. Yeah, it might have to do with me not going out much since I moved here, but it’ll happen soon! Just not this coming weekend, since I’ll be going back home.

I know my friends and family are excited about that. I plan to drive back Friday after work, then on Saturday spend most of the day with friends. Sunday, I’ll drive back around the afternoon. I don’t want to get back late and scramble to make lunch for work and pick out clothes. Plus, I really don’t want to miss the football game at night. I’ll admit I’m a sports addict; both playing and watching. I’ve yet to go to a game here at the university, as tickets can be hard to get! But I’m hoping to later this year when the weather is colder. It will come sooner than expected, I mean, before you know it Christmas will arrive too. I like Halloween, and plan to dress up at work for it, but I’ve been in the holiday spirit since June-ish. Though I’ve been taking it day-by-day here, it’s not so bad to look ahead and wonder what’s next. Take some time and show appreciation to that creative side of your brain. Too often we stay grounded, and look at the reality of things, that we forget to wonder. After all, if we didn’t wonder then we wouldn’t have thought of flying. So while we wait for Christmas, or this weekend, or whatever else it’s okay to have an eye for the future while we live in the present. At least, that’s what is helping me get through the dog days of summer. Autumn, please hurry. . .

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