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Where to begin. . . Well, today I found out that they plan on doing a remake of Walker, Texas Ranger. As a Texan, I’m not sure how to feel, but I’m leaning more towards not thrilled. I’ll definitely give it a chance, but let’s be honest – no one can replace Chuck Norris. That man IS Walker. Or is Walker him? All these remakes have not often surpassed the originals, as I cannot think of any that people prefer over the original tv show. I feel like tv corporations just do it so they can “get by” without having to be original as often as they used to be. And for a show that lasted so many years, in a world where tv shows don’t normally last past 5 or 6 seasons, it’s tough to see it succeed. But I don’t want to go off into a rant about that, since there have been many shows that lasted only 1 or 2 seasons that clearly could’ve thrived if given time.

Remember how I said I was imagining life in other places? Yeah, last night I had a dream I was working at Notre Dame. Even though I currently work at one of my favorite universities ever, ND is the other one that ranks up there as one that I wished I could’ve attended. I knew someone from my elementary school who went there. He was my “intellectual rival” so-to-speak, as him and I were often top 2 in our class. He usually got the best of me, until he left that school. So seeing him go there made me a little jealous. It’s weird that I dreamed of that school though, as in my prior posts I was mainly talking about cities. Though South Bend isn’t that far from Chicago. Imagine if my mind was having an early deja vu dream; maybe in two years we’ll be here talking about life in Indiana.

So today at work, it was another active day of learning things through practice. Nothing much to say about that, but after work I accompanied one of my coworkers to an event for the Latin Studies department. I got free food out of it, Cuban food at that, which my belly was happy to experience. We talked on our long walks to and from the place. Age was one thing that was brought up, as I mentioned how it’s new for me to be working with people around my age. As I told you, I am used to being the youngest in my workplace by many years. At least 12 years I would guess. But here I thought I was, perhaps, the second youngest here. Apparently I am terrible at guessing ages now, because things changed after today. I work with about 10 others, and today I learned there are around 3 others younger than me. I did not think that when I first got to know them.

I don’t say it in a mean way, but I think they look older than they are. Not by much, but I guess I should stop. Isn’t it embarrassing when you’ve been thinking or saying something for awhile, and then you find out that you’ve been wrong all this time? Now I feel like I’m one of the older folks there, and that just adds to the adjusting. Even though I will be visiting home this weekend, after that I will get paid which means I can explore this city more. I’m exploring my huge workplace, and learning about the different buildings and events. I’m slowly getting to know people at work, and hopefully those around town. Whenever I talk about change, or journey of self-discovery, I tend to think of the song by the Cranberries. Maybe it’s my inner 90’s kid coming out; who grew up with all those shows about coming-of-age situations. It’s not exactly about exploration of your self or a new city, but I swear the rhythm of the music makes me feel like I’m driving through a new town that I’m about to move into; ready for the next chapter of my life.

How fitting since I just did that, right? As I type the rest of this post, I noticed after I pasted the link on here Natalie Imbruglia’s song Torn on the recommended videos on Youtube. So I guess I’m now on a 90’s music binge tonight. Thanks you all out there reading this; it’s totally your fault. But yes, I’m excited to go home, I’m excited to soon explore this town, and obviously meet some people. Otherwise I’ll probably keep having such dreams of being someplace new-er and doing what I should be doing here. Or maybe I’ll dream that I become the new Walker, Texas Ranger. It’s frustrating how all these new shows are starting up again, as I try to get into the habit of exercising at work (not tonight since I came home late). Yesterday Prodigal Son (liked it), tonight Emergence, tomorrow Survivor (one day I’ll be on that show) & Stumptown, and Thursday A Million Little Things (finally!) & Evil among several other shows soon to come on. I’m not a tv addict, but when I find a show that I love then I am loyal; making sure I tune in every week, rather than waiting till it’s on a streaming site. And not being able to go out much right now kind of limits what I can do at the moment. But we can all relate in some way when it comes to at least one show where we can’t stop watching, or in my case listening to 90’s music right now. . .

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