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Is it just me or is this week flying by fast? Now that I said that, it’ll probably drag on these final two days. But it feels so recently that I was complaining about the week starting up again, now we’re already halfway done. These next two days will be interesting though. Thursday will be mostly attending events, while Friday is more sessions and meeting with supervisors. Next week will be a more official start to me taking over sessions with students. I’m part excited to get that going, part nervous since I still don’t know everything that I’m doing. I still don’t know everything about the university, so I worry that will become obvious during session. I’ll have my supervisor there to assist when necessary, but we’re getting closer and closer to me going solo. Then I’ll really feel like things are moving at work. Training phases can be a grind sometimes.

So I may or may not start leading this week, but definitely next week will see more of that. I’ll also meet with another supervisor about what committees I want to be a part of; aka what extra duties do I want to do. I still don’t fully know what each entails, and I’m hoping I will be able to do them well. There’s still so many things that could happen there at work, and it’s a bit exciting to see where we go. While we wait, there’s one thing I don’t have to wait for and that is meeting my fellow counselors tomorrow. Remember when I talked about seeing those other people I interviewed with at that event not too long ago? That was at an event for advising, so I was not in my element and not fully surrounded by my own peeps. Tomorrow will be the opposite as I’ll be in a room full of my own kind.

It’ll be interesting to see who I work alongside; maybe not directly beside them, but among the university community. It’ll also be interesting to see what there will be for lunch! Right after this event, I will have about 30 minutes to walk over to another building for yet another event. My task will be to talk to students, and hand out t-shirts and ice cream. I got the fun table I think. Overall, tomorrow will be a good opportunity to network and build contacts for possible career moves and such. I’ve always wanted to do that wherever I went, and I think my supervisor feels my desire to connect with others. In our one-on-one supervisions, I’ve mentioned before how I want to collaborate and establish connections with other departments for our own department’s gain. A part of me feels like if this field wasn’t meant for me, I should go into marketing or something like that. I like networking, getting to know people, and seeing how I can help them or if I can connect them to someone they should meet. Whenever one door closes on you, just know there’s always another that your skills can carry over to. You just have to know how to sell yourself, and eventually you’ll bump into the right people who can help you get to where you need to be. As I watch Survivor right now (one day I’ll get on the island), there’s two more days to go. We can do this. . .

My theme song for networking and the goal of rubbing elbows with some important people.
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