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So I’ve been busy back in my hometown for most of this weekend, and it was nice visiting friends and family. What was terrible was getting home. I left work, and go to my car at around 5:10 p.m.. The garage I park at is right by the freeway. I missed the first entrance to get on, which was no big deal since I would just go down two or so blocks to get to another entrance. I didn’t officially get on the freeway until around 5:50 p.m.. Facepalming moment indeed, and I didn’t get home until 7:20 p.m. when normally it only takes about an hour and 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Nevertheless, I was able to hold and play with my 9 month old nephew which I loved. My other little nephew is currently out of the country, and soon this little guy will be too. So it was nice to spend time with him before he leaves for a few weeks.

I also went over to my friend’s apartment, and hung out with him and his girlfriend. We chatted and played games, which was nice to just unwind and relax with others. Of course, they ask how things are going and if I’ve been going out here. I feel like that’s everyone’s go-to question where they want to know if you’ve been able to meet people as soon as you move to a new city. People forget as we get older, it can get a little harder to make friends. It’s not hard to strike up conversations with others, but continuing to hang out after initially meeting them is another thing. However, I will be getting paid soon so hopefully next weekend I can explore some places. By that, I have in my mind the idea of going to see jazz performances. That’s like my go-to place to hang out. It’s chill, fun, and energetic (depending on who’s performing) and I feel at home there.

It’ll be nice, especially now that I’m being given more responsibilities at work. I’m now starting to step away from the shadowing phase, and going into the leading phase. No longer will I be watching, and chiming in every so often; instead I will be leading and talking most of the time. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that, and Friday was my first time trying it. Nervousness was quite present in that session, and I had a student who just didn’t talk so much. My luck, right? But with time, I will find my groove and get better. I’ll also be getting more responsibilities in the committees I will be joining. So much is going on. As I said, it was nice going home for the weekend. I’ll be back in 3 weeks, since I have an eye appointment as well. I ate quite a bit of food this weekend as well, which is not helping my diet and goals. You know that feeling where you eat good, maybe not healthy, food and you feel regret the rest of the day? Yeah, that’s me right now.

Last week, I didn’t work out much at all. Partly because of work things that led me to get home late, and the other part was me wanting to watch fall tv show premiers. Now that I have a better idea of what my fall tv schedule will be, I can plan my workouts accordingly. It sounds silly, I know, but I don’t have netflix or a dvr folks. Since I don’t watch many shows, I do what I can then. I’ve thought about doing my own show, like a travel vlog. That’s such a huge commitment though. Today would’ve been a good episode though, as we have the case of the ominous note! What note, you ask? Well when I arrived to my apartment, after leaving my hometown, I struggled to get into my apartment complex. For whatever reason, my gate control won’t open one gate but will open the one next to the keypad. After I parked in front of my building, and dumped what I brought into my balcony area, I walked to my door. On my door was a note which said, “You have my airbuds. Please give me a call at. . .”.

There were no airbuds in this apartment when I moved in, and it’s been a month since I moved in. Who could’ve put that note on my door? More curious is why did they assume it was still here? I wonder if they believe the previous tenant still lives here. Did they not tell the people in their lives that they moved? Or are they hiding from someone, and now I’m left to deal with them? I’m still not close to any of my neighbors, so I didn’t feel it’d be appropriate to knock on their door to ask them if they saw anything. And my upstairs neighbor wasn’t sitting outside for me to ask, so that wasn’t an option either. The number they left, I had a family member call and leave a message saying the airbuds weren’t here. I didn’t call, myself, because the last thing I need is whoever that person is to have my personal phone number. Will they come knocking on my door again, I do not know but I have a few surprises if they keep bothering me. I can’t wait to explore this crazy city some more, and maybe I should consider vlogging it. . .

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