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Finally he found another canvas to begin his work on

Gathering the paints he feels will go best this time around

In his mind he has an idea as to what the outcome will be

And so he begins to paint with delicate strokes of black

He always starts off laying the basic foundation

Slowly familiarizing himself with what he is seeing

Then in his second turn he paints with broader strokes

This time using some blue and green that shout fun

He loved this part since he can be more relaxed here

Not worrying about being perfect but just himself

On his third turn he incorporates some red and grey

This is where he is most caring and delicate at this point

All the strokes seems to be finally coming together

What he imagined is starting to come to fruition

But then something starts to happen in his mind

That idea he had begins to fade and he becomes lost

He could’ve sworn this would be the painting

Pondering as to why can he never get past this point

So many times he’s tried but something happens

The image was lost and so was his connection

This canvas now given up when it was almost done

Another artist always comes along to finish it though

Adding their own take to it and giving it new life

When he sees what others have done he isn’t mad

Rather glad that someone else saw the beauty in it

And was able to do what he sadly struggled to do

Regrets may fade away but the memories usually stay

Someday he knows he’ll complete a breathtaking painting

So he’ll keep on looking and try to find artistic inspiration

One that is capable of helping him finish and be happy

Until finally he found another canvas to begin his work on. . .

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